The Brazilian pavilion attracted many people, serving Brazilian barbecue and the delicious drink “Capirinha.” Many companies that were not exhibiting at the show had the opportunity to show their lines at Coverings.

Brazilian companies traditionally present at Coverings were present at Chicago’s McCormick Convention Center.

Eliane introduced one of the world’s unique ceramic tile products with its Laminum series.

A lot of companies from Brazil prepared very innovative products for the beginning of 2007 to be presented at Coverings. Eliane presented the new technology of Lamina from System in its Laminum series, with a 3mm thickness and large formats that allow never imagined applications.

The company also presented it Décor Tiles, with reproduction of art works; ArqTec, a special porcelain tile line with a surface that is very resistant to acid; and the Neolite porcelain tile with metal. Portinari’s booth was named Best in Show in its category, and the company presented its new lines: Element, following the ‘natural chic’ trend; Chrome, with modern metal tiles; Perception, with the feeling of assembled materials; Stellar, with sparkling shine and colors. Gyotoku brought its Chroma series of products with innovative unique porcelain tiles; Couro, the leather collection; and the Manhattan line. Lanzi had presented its new porcelain tile line with different formats such as 80-by-50 cm that had a good debut at the show.

“Shall this show come again at Chicago I will not come,” Villagres said. He points that his business went from U.S. $1 million in 2006 at Orlando to less than U.S. $200,000 this year at the fair.

According to Martins, the great problem is that the fair was not properly advertised in the north area of the country, and the high costs. Most associates from Anfacer, as told by the president, Adriano Lima, want the show to be always in Orlando. In the kind of region like Chicago, Brazilian products are not very well assimilated, points out Vinícius Buschinelli, from Buschinelli & Cia. For him, although McCormick place was fabulous and very well organized, the northern United States and Canada is very difficult for Brazilian products, and the competition is very strong.

He points out that a fair is not made for a country or for kind of products, and if an exhibitor plans it accordingly, it will be a success. João Adriano Ribeiro, commercial director of Incefra Group, states that although the reduced number of business mainly with local buyers at the fair it is always important to be in other regions with high potential of consumption. For most of the companies, Coverings is a consolidated show and attracts Latin buyers.