158 Caesar

With the summer months soon coming upon us,TILEmagazine readers will be privy to the latest offerings of ceramic, porcelain and stone tile manufacturers including the diversity found in the hottest designs, extensive sizes and the specialized technology associated with these ceramic and porcelain tiles. Two of the year’s largest shows, Coverings 2007 in Chicago, and Revestir in Sao Paolo, Brazil, still leave our editors breathless as to the amount of research and creativity essential to the development of a prototype, which later becomes a reality. So, sit back, and enjoy the latest in trend-setting and innovative products showcased within these pages.


The new Arreda porcelain tile collection from Caesar features interwoven patterns and soft textures. Suitable for floors and walls in a wide range of applications, the series comes in eight colors with an 11m single-calibre thickness, squared and edge-ground, available in 24” x 24”, 12” x 24”, 5.8” x 24”, 8” x 24”, and .8” x .8” sizes. It is complemented by the Zip-shaped profile as well as Shanghai and Stripe accents in various color combinations.Circle 158 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

198 Azuvi


The Salem series from Azuvi S.A. features a high degree of shade variation. The series comes in the following formats: 25 x 40 white-body wall tiles; 50 x 50 x 31 and 6 x 316 porcelain floor tiles; and 31’6 x 31’6 and 37 x 38 mesh-mounted porcelain tiles. Three textures are offered - silky or natural; pro (non-slip) and honed (polished) - and in two finishes (rectified and non-rectified).Circle 198 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

196 Ilva S.A.

Ilva S.A.

Ilva S.A. presents the Landscapes series, inspired by Argentina’s natural beauty and color. Available in three colors, the textured tiles are offered in:  20” x 20”, 10” x 20”, 14” x 14”, and 7” x 7”; mosaic in 3.4” x 3.4” mesh-mounted on 14” x 14” sheets, with bullnose and mosaic listellos. Also offered are 2” x 14” listellos with glass insert.Circle 196 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

194 Lamosa


A natural cozy style with high luminosity is what Lamosa is offering with its Napoli series. Inspired by sand, several options are available - floor (18” x 18”, 13” x 13”), wall (10” x 13”), mosaic-type (18” x 18”, 13” x 13”), as well as complementary pieces.Circle 194 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

192 Eliane


Eliane introduces a new porcelain series Versailles, a multi-faceted fully rectified porcelain series inspired by fashion elements, is offered in a satiny, polished or no slip surfaces. The base colors of Versailles (Bianco, Beige, Grigio, and Noce) come in standard sizes (11” x 23”, 11” x 11”, 17” x 17”). Complementing each base color are 6” x 6” Oslo tiles. Decorative pieces, listellos and bullnoses round out the line.Circle 192 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

190 Pecchioli Ceramica

Pecchioli Ceramica

New from Pecchioli Ceramica is a liquid gold tile line fabricated from raw terra cotta biscuits, and then glazed with a pigment recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. Multiple colors are blended to form one glaze. Represented by Una Terra, the handmade and hand-decorated Pecchioli line is available in various shapes, sizes, colors and finishes.Circle 190 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

188 VitrA USA


Contrasting black and white tiles unite to create a luxurious ambiance in VitrA USA’s latest offering. Through the use of metallic coatings, silhouettes of rose tendrils create the subtle illusion of shadows. Additionally, the Day & Night Collection is offered in black on white, or white on black motifs. This décor-tile line is available in 10” x 16” with complementing borders in 2” x 16” and 1” x 16”.Circle 188 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

184 Questech


Questech has added to its line of factory-sealed tumbled marble with the Casa Emperador Collection that features medium brown shades with light-colored veining. The tiles, which incorporate Q-Seal antibacterial protection, are available in 12” x 12”, 6” x 6”, 4” x 4”, 3” x 6”, and 2” x 2” sizes.Circle 184 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

186 Steuler-Fliesen


Steuler-Fliesen has introduced LED Tiles, a new series of illuminated tiles that feature a centrally located LED unit that forms a smooth, even surface. The lighted tiles can be placed in a wide variety of locations, from entries to staircases. The tiles can be used to map out architectural features, to open up areas or to give a one-of-a-kind decorative touch to floors.Circle 186 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

195 StonePeak Ceramics

StonePeak Ceramics

Inspired by finely woven, precious fabrics, StonePeak’s Fashion collection features an exclusive, luminous texture. The tiles are offered in a wide range of sizes, including 48”x 24,” 48”x 12” and 48”x 6.” The Fashion series is offered with a range of complementary trims, decorative borders and mosaics. Available in three colors.Circle 195 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

193 Supergres


A mix of stones, subtle shades and the combination of Buxi Stone nuances, together with Travertine marble veins, comprise Ceramiche Supergres’ new line, the Glance collection. The series utilizes glazed porcelain and the company’s new Multisync technology. Available in four colors, in three sizes (18” x 18”, 12”x 12”, 6”x 6”), a French Pattern and a honed rectified version in 17.5” x 17.5”.Circle 193 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

191 Ceracasa


Ceracasa presents Emotile, a landmark for architects and interior designers. Emotile broadens the boundaries for ceramic tile decoration, by allowing us to print any photo or text on a ceramic body, regardless of its texture. Using a range of JPG or TIFF images that can span from a 40 x 40 cm to 12 x 8 sq.m, Emotile allows you to free your imagination.Circle 191 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

187 Cerviva


Offered in sizes 30 x 60 and 60 x 60cm, Cerviva’s Xilo Evolution tiles function not just as floor tiles, but also for creating bathrooms in ultra-modern taste, with a vaguely “natural” flavor, the company says. The decorative tile is a very simple band of the three main tile colors in matching shades, with a subtle, elegant structure.Circle 187 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

174 Champion Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Champion Building Materials Co., Ltd.

The Antique Luxury Stone collection from Champion Building Materials combines Oriental contemporary glaze technology with Western fashion elements. The metallic glaze furnishes the piece with a whole new concept in decorating the surroundings. Floral deco brings back the luxurious Baroque period, a fancy element to light up any space.Circle 174 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

173 Dune


Dune is a young and modern line that introduces the latest trends and invites everyone to be their own designer. The Safari series with varying topography and smooth shade-variation turns any room into a work of art.Circle 173 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

175 Emilceramica


Emilceramica’s Tweed is inspired by traditional Irish wool fabrics. The final effect is that of a sophisticated mix of colors perceived by the human eye at a certain distance as a single shade. With this collection, Emilceramica aims to reproduce the aesthetic and tactile effects of fabric and offer the characteristic strength and durability of porcelain tile.Circle 175 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

172 Ege Seramik

Ege Seramik

The Atlantic Series from Ege Seramik takes inspiration from driftwood found in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean states. Available in a 12.5 x 60cm fully rectified tile, the collection is offered in three nature-inspired colors of White, Beige and Ocean Blue.Circle 172 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

169 Florida Tile

Florida Tile

Florida Tile introduces 12 classically inspired, natural stone Pietra Art Medallions II. Available on a mesh-mounted backing for easy installation and timeless beauty, as well as a large 48” x 48” or 16” x 16”. Each is made of travertine with the Emporio series being a blend of travertine and limestone. Suitable for all residential and light commercial floor and wall applications.Circle 169 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

168 Mosaico Italiano

Mosaico Italiano

The new collection from Mosaico Italiano features a rustic mishmash of horizontal and vertical cuts in a linear display of random elevations. Metropoli is available as 1.25” mosaics in 12 stone materials of distinct colors including Pietra Del Sol, Rosso Perlino, Verde Luna, and Bardiglio among others. The collection’s rock-ribbed surface adds a textural element to spaces emphasizing clean linear design.Circle 168 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

170 B.A. Schmidt Arts & Enterprises

B.A. Schmidt Arts & Enterprises

Inspired by nature, mythology and classic fairy tale illustrations from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, B.S. Schmidt Arts president and artist Barbara Schmidt’s handmade porcelain relief tiles take on a unique look with additional carvings prior to being bisqued, glazed and fired. The hand-pressed 6” x 6” made-to-order tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Circle 170 on the Reader Inquiry Card.

160 Kalesinterflex


Kalesinterflex has the dimensions of 1000 x 3000 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. It is the first and only porcelain ceramic slab produced in Turkey using a breakthrough, environmentally friendly technology, according to the company. With its unique dimensions and product features, Kalesinterflex, a next generation product in architecture and construction, has also added new collections to its line with patterns.Circle 160 on the Reader Inquiry Card.