Tau Ceramica, with the aid of their creative branch Tau Ad­vanced and in collaboration with Barcelona inventor Pep To­rres, has come up with a type of “smart floor tile” that assists with the dieting process. It will be presented February 5th at the Cevisama trade show in Valencia, Spain.

The tile, which is situated in front of refrigerators, comes equipped with a weight sensor and a microchip which controls how long someone has been in front of the refrigerator, the weight of the person, and the time of day.

According to the company, the floor tile then uses this information to determine when a person of a specific weight is spending too much time in front of the refrigerator during non-meal times - the tile “knows” if and how much the person is snacking between meals.

Should the tile determine that the person has spent too much time going into the refrigerator between meals, it will, through an incorporated speaker, “remind” the person that they are indeed not following their diet. In addition, the system comes with a wor­king memory that allows the user to review his/her movement in front of the refrigerator. It also allows the “reminders” to be per­sonalized for each user.