Mediterranea, a U.S. based multinational tile and design firm, recently expanded their offering of domestically produced, factory direct, commercial and residential porcelain tile to help its nationwide distribution network avoid issues and costs associated with overseas importing, the company says.

Mediterranea says its focused efforts include: Reducing the amount of dollars tied up in inventory and increasing inventory turns and profit margins for distributors; reducing the lead time and helping to ensure consistent and timely delivery. The company adds that its latest U.S. production program also helps to avoid large price fluctuations as a result of the U.S. dollars devaluation against foreign currency, namely the rising Euro, as well as the rising costs of transportation associated with the current energy crisis.

Further, Mediterranea is now producing an array of products in the U.S. that cover all three categories of porcelain: glazed, colored body and through-body technical.

In addition, all Mediterranea tile is true porcelain and is commercially rated and ADA compliant