Measured by a multitude of cherished moments, your time and what you do with it define your success. Anything you can do to be more effective with the time you have becomes a measure of value because in business, time is money. Specifically, your time is money.

Consider the time spent in finding information you need in your business. Sourcing the best available products and services for your business or for a project can make the difference between success and failure, profit and loss. As well, staying abreast of all the latest developments in new products and trends, techniques and solutions, resources, guidelines and standards can be a full-time job in itself. Having that valuable “nugget” of information in the ever-evolving business of tile becomes the defining point that will differentiate you from the competition - it can make or break your bottom line.

As always,TILE Magazinehas you covered and help is at hand, or should we say, in your hands!

Enter theAnnual GOLD BOOK, the most comprehensive resource for tile - all in one place and at your fingertips.

Add to this treasure trove of money-saving resources, is the online version of theAnnual GOLD

Just like the printed version, the online GOLD BOOK not only locates the companies you need, but does so with the speed and accuracy of an electronic search engine. Not only will you have access to countless images of products and spec sheets, but with the added convenience of instantly linking up to thousands of company websites. Hence, the name - the GOLD BOOK!

Most importantly,TILE Magazine’sonline “gold standard” keeps you connected - giving you the time-sensitive competitive edge you need to succeed.

Time and information: more valuable to you than gold!

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