Ilva, an Argentine manufacturer and exporter of porcelain tile, has announced a new, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly industrial system is coinciding with its plans to address eco-industrial guidelines, the company says.

The manufacturer says its objective is not only to protect the environment by recycling all raw materials as much as possible, but also, to protect the environment by preventing contamination caused by all disposable byproducts. To do so, Ilva is implementing ISO 14000 standards to meet all legislative environmental protective demands.

Ilva’s products are manufactured from locally sourced raw materials (clays, feldspars, quartz) that mostly come from the pollution-free area in Patagonia. According to the company, all water used in Ilva’s fabrication process is purified by separating all clays and other byproducts that are re-used again as raw materials. No oil derivatives are used in the production process.

In addition to all of the conservation work done during on-site tile production, Ilva says its personnel also collects leftover wood, plastic, paper and glass products, then delivers these materials to companies specializing in the highest levels of recycling.  Additionally, small pieces of broken tiles are used in the production of special mosaics that round off the ensemble of each tile series.

Instead of releasing the exhaust and vapors to the environment through chimneys, the exhaust is now driven through a special Rolls Royce turbine. At first, this machinery uses natural components to create electricity, and then, cleans the exhaust before emission.

“Ilva has made a strong commitment to be a world-wide industry leader relative to having a totally environmentally friendly industrial plant,” said Leandro Diaz Mujica, export manager at Ilva. “The management team at Ilva has made the commitment to make our factory as green as possible and is always looking for, and subsequently, purchasing the newest technologies to do so.”

Ilva’s first product series released in conjunction with this announcement is ECO Land, a fully rectified technical porcelain tile series with a colored body. To help protect our environment, 15 percent of that product is produced using recycled materials via Ilva’s technologically superior manufacturing methods.