From Porcelanosa, high fashion brocade inspired this rectified porcelain wall tile. This is an excellent option for grand baths and high traffic foyers that bring the elegance of fabric with the performance of ceramic tile. Available in 17” x 26” format.

The 26th edition of Cevisama took place from February 5th-9th, 2008 in Valencia, Spain. More than 1,200 exhibitors from around the world showed their latest products. Tile of Spain is pleased to announce, once again the newest innovations from many of their manufacturers represented at the show.

This year’s event saw an increased number of Spanish manufacturers introducing innovative wall tile. Spain is one of the largest producers of wall tile - a must-have material that many interior designers have specified in the last few years. Not that we are seeing less floor tile, but we are seeing a vast array of Spanish tile that can be used in usual ways especially for the wall. Spain seems to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation, design, technology and diversity in ceramic tile.

In 2008, the show was complemented by the Cevisama Indi program of displays, competitions, awards and lectures reflected trends, cutting-edge products and ideas in the industry.

Cevisama Indi also presented the 2.1 version of the Trans/Hitos display, “Nómadas” (“Nomads”), a new phase for the display based on co-operative projects and the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Indi also featured international design competitions for ceramic tiles for use in architecture and bathroom furnishings, the Architecture and Design Forum and the Alfa de Oro Awards, given in recognition of companies’ achievements in innovation. The new exhibit, Bluespace, centered on the new bathroom culture, rounded out the show.

Also featured during the five-day exhibition was “Cerámica innova” (“Ceramic tile innovates”). The initiative coincided with the Machinery Show and focused specifically on the latest technological advancements in ceramic tile machinery and production processes for the product itself and its applications.

This Cevisama saw an increased number of Spanish manufacturers introducing incredible wall tile.

Once again, Cevisama celebrates this forward-thinking trend and gives the industry a wide selection to choose from. Many Tile of Spain manufacturers have been cultivating this trend for a few years now; some have perfected it, while others are just coming up with brand new ways to illustrate tile made specifically for the wall.