Paulo Benetton, commercial director from Cecrisa-Portinari, displays the special inserts that add personalization to each ceramic surrounding.

The 6th edition of Revestir, held March 11-14 in São Paulo, Brazil, showcased the latest trends and styles available in ceramic tile products to more than 30,000 show attendees. Over the years, Brazil has gained momentum and earned the ranking of second largest consumer, third largest producer, and fourth largest exporter of ceramic tiles worldwide.

João Adriano (left), president of Incefra Group, is planning new factories to supply the growing worldwide demand of ceramic tile.


Perfectly mimicked natural stone and wood, strong colors, mosaics, embedded Swarovski crystals - all caught the eye of Revestir attendees, especially those from abroad. Karina Felisbino Campos, market engineer from Eliane stated, “We do invest in the foreign attendance because we sell a lot abroad, such as the United States.”

Paulo Benetton, commercial director of Portinari, pointed out that his company has focused on the development of some lines to make each surrounding unique. “We developed some special inserts with glass and tissues to make personalized compositions to ones surroundings,” he added.

Adriano Lima, president of Gyotoku, showed a lot of novelties - porcelain tile lavatories, new products from the Chroma line, ecological glass mosaic additions to the Gyotoku Solutions line, and several additional products to assist in the installation and the performance of ceramic tiles.

Laminum was the highlight of Eliane’s presence, garnering the most attention. The large-format tile measures 3x1 meters and 3mm-thick.

According to Antonio Carlos Kieling, ceo of Anfacer (Brazilian Association of Ceramic Tile Producers), the top products of the fair were those that emulated natural stone and wood. Kieling also stated that the strong and consistent growth of the housing sector in Brazil came at a very important moment, “In the last three years, the housing sector grew a lot and the ceramic sector followed and surpassed this growth with a 10% increase per year, which can be maintained for the next several years.”

Revestir exhibitors also noticed the upswing of the sector by observing the increase in attendance and registered professionals. According to Edison Corrêa de Toledo, Cerâmica Porto Ferreira president, the company registered 2,130 professionals at its booth alone.

In conjunction with Revestir, Anfacer organized the 6th International Forum of Architecture and Building - a forum dedicated to retailers, builders, specifiers and ceramists. Prominent Chinese architect Ma Yansong, and Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola garnered the attention of show goers, attracting at least 1,500 attendees to each of their forums.