Wheelchair marathon competitor Renzo Martinez, sponsored by MAPEI, recently raced in the Gatorade half-marathon in the Dominican Republic. Racing up some steep hills and blazing along a couple of down hills, Martinez won his division of the race for the seventh time. “It’s more than the win that matters in this event, though,” Martinez said.

“This is a race for a great cause, because they are doing it to raise funds for the biggest rehabilitation facility for patients with disabilities in the Dominican Republic,” the marathoner said. “The Centro de Rehabilitación provides a huge number of services to low-income patients at almost no cost. They also sponsor a wheelchair sports club. Before today’s success, I had won the largest marathon in this country for six years in a row; so, when I travel here, I use the attention I get to help raise funds to buy wheelchair equipment for the athletes at the club. The good thing is that I have been able to have a little degree of success at getting some entry-level equipment for the athletes.”

MAPEI says it believes Martinez’s “little” successes make him a big star to his fans. “We are proud to support Renzo in his athletic efforts,” said Steven Day, MAPEI’s operational marketing manager. “He shows us how adversity can be overcome and turned into an inspiring triumph.”