The Art Tile Collection is a targeted section for the producers of handcrafted and specialized art tile.



ZuLej geometric tiles are hand silk-screened in the USA and are fired to the highest standards. Zulej original designs and patterns can be combined to create a variety of murals, borders, walls, or back splashes. On the web; Phone: (717) 238-5087; Email: details circle #132 on the Free Information Card.

Phoenician Arts

Phoenician Arts prides itself in renovating the art of mosaics. Composed of natural colorful marbles and stones, we bring soul to the fully handcrafted masterpieces. You can find any theme you desire. What if you didn’t? We collaborate with you to offer customized services for your design. Reliable and timely delivery is guaranteed. We strive to please our customers with our cutting-edge quality and breathtaking mosaics. Web:www.phoenicianarts.comor call (617) 381-4446 or +00-961-189-9299.For details circle #106 on the Free Information Card.

Original Mission Tile

Leading manufacturer of premium handcrafted cement tiles, founded in 1900 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Our elegant designs allow you to create your customer’s desired architectural design, from classic to contemporary, and express their own personal signature, having the largest variety in colors, patterns and shapes and offering the best service. Visit us details circle #130 on the Free Information Card.