Argenta Ceramica premieres its Zen series Porcelain Design collection with a muted bronze background. Available in a 17.7” x 26.6” format.

Azteca Ceramica’s Metalic large format tile series features a subtle lined metallic tile interspersed with a bit of bronze.

Precious metal styles, colors and materials are showing up all over interior spaces - residential and commercial alike. At the forefront of the trend, tile from Spain has seen a major resurgence of interest in metallic tiles. Metallics in ceramic have been part of a growing trend in the past few years - lately garnering a huge fan base. Walk into a space and you find yourself wrapped in an atmosphere that is hard, with a look that offers function while providing elegance. Steel, aluminum, copper and even titanium are implicit here, yet there is no true alloy anywhere, rather metal textures applied to ceramic.

Metallic finishes are not only in fashion, but they also fit into the minimalist style. Cold, simple materials are therefore a requirement and alloy-inspired ceramic tile is the perfect specification for residential and commercial spaces. They can serve as glamorous accents, focal points for special highlights in a room, or in a kitchen backsplash that needs a bit of panache.

Gold, iron, steel, copper, aluminum and even titanium in their pure states and in different composites, as well as varying degrees of oxidation, have inspired metallic tile designers. They have explored them and used them as benchmarks from which they have created a broad range of glazes that can be applied to an array of surfaces. The look of stainless steel in ceramic tile offers the advantages of ceramic tile properties, such as thermal and sound insulation, where genuine stainless steel cannot.

Creative aesthetics play a huge role in specification, but don’t take a back seat to the importance of the practical aspects - especially when specified in shopping centers, showrooms, or in establishments where anti-slip properties, durability, and easy maintenance are key integral.

Exterior surfaces are also seeing an increase in metallic ceramic tile use. The atomic union of metallic glazes coupled with ceramic tile offers hardness and resistance to extreme high temperatures and thermal shock, as well as resistance to rust.

Architects and interior designers are finally turning to ceramic tile with metallic finishes, whether for exteriors or interiors. The potential of these shiny gems has been realized and they are being used as the perfect instrument for conveying an updated look and style trend that the client desires.

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