In this upside down economy, I know you’re probably too busy trying to save every dollar possible - shoring up the bottom line to focus on the positives. In fact, if you’re like most of us these days, you’re spending more time earning less revenue to think (or care) much about the upside. But as with all things, (current recession included) there is an upside and a downside to everything.

An upside for this special Spring Digital Edition ofTILEfor example is that we’re sending it to you by email. Again, if you’re like most, you’ll soon discover just how easy it is to navigate through the pages. There’s even a search tool to help locate topics, companies and items that interest you most. A click from the index instantly takes you to where you want to go.

We’re not eliminating our mailed editions ofTILEbut supplementing them with three new digital-only editions this spring, summer and fall to help keep you informed in between the six print editions in 2009 (also available in digital format).

Digital issues save time, paper, and what’s cool is you can even click from an ad or product right to the company website without batting an eye (or licking a finger to turn a page)! If you’re planning to be off-line and want to take the issue with you, simply download the issue and save it to your desktop for convenient viewing later. If you want to catch up on back issues and don’t have the print editions handy, simply go towww.tilemagonline.comand selectDigital Edition Archivesfrom our library.

Another upside is the tremendous amount of resources awaiting you this year at Coverings 2009 in Chicago - the competitive edge you need to succeed in these tough economic times. If you haven’t registered yet, then visit Coverings online ( to choose from nearly 60 seminars over four days, plus nine speakers in six keynote sessions! Attend live demonstrations and view all the newest products that will make the difference in your success.

While visiting the Coverings 2009 website, be sure to check out the special “Surviving 2009” educational track of more than 10 sessions to help you navigate these troubled waters. And now you can stay tuned to Coverings, your information portal to Coverings that includes breaking news, products award winners and more.

Tune out the negative noise and focus on the positive. Focus on relationships, both professional and personal. Take time to invest in making your profession and business truly exceptional by taking advantage of all training and educational opportunities available. There is a wealth of resources available from your associations such as the CTDA, NTCA, NAFCD, TCNA, TCAA, AIA, ASID, IIDA, WFCA and a host of others.

Everything you do now will make you stronger, more resilient and more successful.

See you at Coverings!