As we launch into 2009, the tile industry faces many challenges. And for that reason, your business may be in need of a good dose of positive energy to help brace against these tumultuous times.

You have to admit, tile has had a great ride up for a long time and it’s not easy watching the bar graph move in another direction. However, take heart my friends; tile is just as exciting as ever!

In fact, as a decorative product, you won’t find anything that can do more, last as long and offer the choices in color, styling and aesthetic qualities and work so well on such a variety of surfaces - be they horizontal, vertical, even upside down. Tile is for the inside and the outside - wet or dry, hot or cold. From tiny multifaceted mosaics in every imaginable color, to 1 by 3 meter ultra-thin panels used to clad skyscrapers, fits the bill in any installation.

So let’s get out there and make sure tile is used in more places than ever and in more ways than ever. Now is the time to gain market share by seeing that tile replaces those other products that, well let’s face it, simply don’t perform as well or look as beautiful! And according to the “2005 Floor Coverings Cost Comparison Study” from Tile Council of North America (TCNA), dollar for dollar tile is simply the best value, bar none.

In my book, tile is gold and what can be a more fitting name for the tile industry’s Tile Products Resource and Buying Guide than “The Gold Book!” Whether you are sourcing from the print Gold Book Buyers Guide or online:, you’ll find a comprehensive listing of products, manufacturers, distributors, shows and associations plus so much more to help you find what you need.

When in a hurry, the Gold Book Online lets you tap into the lightning-speed of search engine capability to pinpoint what you need and where you need it. You’ll even see products and spec sheets and have the ability to link instantly to the company’s own website. Add to that the online Glossary of Tile Terms and Technical Training Schools & Seminars sections and you’ll know you’ve found an industry friend for life – bookmark the guide by adding it to your favorites!

If you see something here missing or in need of updating for your company, you may need to go online to update you’re listing with us. Please email me at with your comments and requests and I’ll be glad to help! Supporting you with information you need to succeed is what we do.

Stay tuned to TILE and together we’ll survive and thrive to see better days return to this tile industry we care so much for. Best to you in the new year!