TAU Advanced says it has “made a commitment to develop a solidarity project whose aim is to help to build the dormitories for the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) Orphanage, one of the Orphanage Missions in Dharamsala, the Indian city which provides shelter for refugee children from Tibet. “The initiative has an exclusively social and altruistic nature, within the company's corporate responsibility activities, and it has been set up side-by-side with Dubtribe Kite Team and Colores de India,” the company notes.

The specific cost of the project amounts to 35,000 euros ($49,113 USD), “An amount which will be fully allocated to the Orphanage premises of the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV), created in 1950 by the Dalai Lama and his sister, Jetsu Pema in order to guarantee that all the Tibetan children under their custody would receive a good education, cultural identity, and the possibility to become self-sufficient and contributing members to the Tibetan community and the world in general,” TAU added.

The “One world, one dream” exhibit, comprised of 140 children’s drawings that form a large panel in the Orphanage, depicts the personal vision of the children and of the road that separates Tibet from Dharamsala. The exhibit is currently showing at Fine Arts Museum in Castellón, Spain until the end of August.

For further information on this project, visit www.tcv.org.in