Smart Surface Systems’ (a Tau Group company) recently unveiled its CIVIS’AGORA series to Cevisama visitors.

Tau has been ranked as the second most recognized trademark of ceramic floor tiles by consumers in the Spanish market, according to data cultivated by “the market observatory experts” from the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), the company says.

ITC technicians, in surveying 1,200 people throughout Spain, asked participants which ceramic companies were the most well known to them, what they liked, what they needed, etc. According to the results provided by the ITC, Tau ranked second with 21.5% of the product mentions, while Porcelanosa took the lead with 69.8%.

The top 10 Spanish manufactures were ranked as follows:
  • Porcelanosa
  • Tau
  • Keraben
  • Roca
  • Saloni
  • Zirconio
  • Pamesa
  • Porcelanatto
  • Azuvi
  • Aparici
For Tau’s managing director, Carlos Camahort, the results of this study illustrate “the effectiveness” of the communication policy which the company has developed in recent years; a strategy where “the firm premises of premium quality, design, and outstanding performance of our products” has been linked to the sponsorship of the most elite Sports clubs as represented by its top ranking Spanish Basketball team, sailing competitions, and adventure sports.