Completed in 2008, SHW Group served as the architect for the $33 million center, which offers career-focused and technical "cross collaborative" education for 11th and 12th-grade students. 

The Independent School District’s $33 million Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center in Frisco, TX, which opened in September 2008, has been honored with a 2009 Terrazzo Honor Award from the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA).

As one of 14 winners, the annual awards program honors the best terrazzo installations completed within the calendar year and are judged on excellence in craftsmanship, originality of ideas, intricacy of design, artistic and faithful reproduction of the architects’ or designers’ drawings, scope of work, and quality of construction materials. Plano, TX-based SHW Group served as the project architect, while Cadence McShane’s Dallas office served as the construction manager.

“The Frisco CTE Center offers students a showcase to share specialized learning opportunities with each other and with their community,” said Trey Laird, AIA, LEED AP, principal in charge for SHW Group’s North Texas studio. “Light, space, materials, and technology are intertwined to create an experience for students that differentiate traditional notions of what a school can look like. The use of terrazzo flooring with recycled glass and mirror aggregate accentuate the notion of light as a compositional element throughout the facility, with a pattern that reinforces movement, exploration, and way finding throughout the building. The flooring selection also responds to the owner’s desire for a durable and low maintenance option with eye toward sustainability.”

As stated by the NTMA judging panel, “The CTE Center is the perfect marriage of traditional design and contemporary finishes. Naturally, the design team selected 3/8” epoxy terrazzo with 100% recycled glass and porcelain as the highlighted flooring option. The focal point of the building is the illuminated vertical glass enclosure in the atrium area. To bring focus to this piece, the design team added terrazzo accents in the shape of rays in order to depict the energy of the piece radiating throughout the building. The multi-colored terrazzo patterns in the corridors speak to the kinetic energy of the building brought about by the natural hustle and bustle of numerous students negotiating the hallways. In addition to the terrazzo floor, the design utilized coved poured in place terrazzo wainscot, precast terrazzo tread and riser pieces, as well as a monumental stair featuring 3” thick precast terrazzo treads finished on all four sides. Ultimately, the overall sparkling terrazzo in this facility will create an everlasting impression on anyone who enters.”

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