Trade Mission 2008 participants Jon Zachman (left), Ceramic Tileworks, Maple Grove, MN, and Karen Olah, Mid-America Tile, Elk Grove Village, view some of the new Dongpeng porcelain products with He Xinming, president of Dongpeng.

The first half of 2009 had a rough start for many industries, but the second half of 2009 and early 2010 already look more promising and encouraging. It’s important to plan ahead and prepare for the economic recovery.

To help you become more competitive and more profitable in the ceramic tile business, we are pleased to you to the 2009 U.S. Ceramic Tile and Sanitary Ware Trade Mission to China (Oct. 18-20, 2009, Foshan, China). This event, running successfully since 2007, has received hundreds of participants from the U.S. and China, includingTILE Magazinepublisher Phil Johnson.

China Ceramics City/China Ceramics Industry Headquarters will host and sponsor the 2009 mission again. The event’s host and sponsors will provide FREE accommodations to all participants, including local transportation (we will greet you at the airport), hotel, meals, entertainment, interpreters, and more in Foshan. An optional tour of Shanghai and Beijing is also available.

This year we are including the sanitary ware business, not only to reflect the close relationship of the two industries in China, but to also offer sourcing opportunities to U.S. distributors, importers and manufacturers. The two tracks will visit different factories and showrooms only applicable to participants’ business.

Additionally, participants of this year’s mission also will be able to visit the The 14th China International Ceramic Fair, a premier trade show similar to Coverings and KBIS combined. The show features more than 500 ceramic tile and sanitary ware exhibitors from all over China. It has a total area of 2.64 million square foot of exhibiting area covering two venues (China Ceramics City has an area of 580,000 square feet; CCIH has 100 individual buildings with showroom space in excess of over 2.26 million square feet), with more than 35,000 attendees from all over the world.

Further, influential U.S. architects, general contractors, and builders have also been invited to join the mission so they too can understand what China offers - not only to source products, but to also educate their potential customers.

Despite a global slow down, China’s strong domestic market makes its companies stronger and more competitive internationally. Increasingly, Chinese manufacturers have investing heavily in technologies/designs/marketing support/services - strengthening their value proposition. Many of these changes were a direct result of previous trade missions and industry forums, where many U.S. distributors voiced their thoughts, wishes, and concerns - and the Chinese manufacturers listened.

Join us to take advantage of the amazing opportunities only available in China, and get ready for the recovery. To learn more about this mission and register online, please visit