TAU is investing more than four million Euros ($5.6M) in an industrial investment plan designed to help “adapt its business to the new economic circumstances.” The plan, which has already been implemented, is scheduled to last through February 2010.

“This is an ambitious plan for the industrial restructuring of our production plants,” says TAU’s managing director, Carlos Camahort, who highlights the fact that the eventual aim is “to increase our efficiency, modernizing manufacturing processes and improving the versatility of our production lines, into which we’ll be incorporating and combining the full range of decorative technologies currently scattered around our facilities, and at the same time incorporating new technologies.”

TAU adds that its industrial investment plan is not designed to increase the company’s production but rather to improve the efficiency and productivity of its industrial activities, which is why it is undertaking root and branch modernization work on three of the four production centers it has in Castellón, especially plants 3 and 4, which specialize in the manufacturing of wall tiles and porcelain tiles, respectively. “When things are changing as quickly as they are at the moment that has a direct influence on demand from customers and you’ve got to adapt. This investment means that, straight away, we’ll be able to tailor how our facilities work to what the market is asking for, giving a direct, rapid response to customers, and that's our number one priority,” Camahort added.