Florida Tile has unveiled a new technology that mimics the look of natural stone: High Definition Porcelain (HDP).

“Realized through years of hard work and continuous investments, we have been able to produce a look that is virtually indistinguishable from natural stone. High Definition Porcelain’s process utilizes digital printing technology first pioneered in inkjet printers. Injectors are used in order to print with less repetition in the overall pattern, which gives us eight times the variation of a conventional Roto-color machine and superior resolution. Since this process is done without direct contact to the surface of the tile, we can eliminate the unprinted edges known as framing, as well as the unglazed valleys that are often created with the Roto-color process,” Florida Tile notes.

The Legend HDP series by Florida Tile is the first to bear the HDP symbol of High Definition Porcelain. As a premium product, Legend HDP is ADA compliant and is accompanied by a full spectrum of trims including cove base and cove base corners; making Legend HDP an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.