The new Executive Board of Acimac, the Italian Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association which represents more than 80% of the Italian companies operating in the sector, has formally taken office.

Alongside Chairman Pietro Cassani (Sacmi) and the young team of Deputy Chairmen consisting of Barbara Franchini (FM), Paolo Lamberti (Tecnografica), Stefano Mele (Nuova Fima) and Fabio Tarozzi (Siti B&T Group), the other members of the Acimac executive board are Antonella Dolcini (Ingegneria Ceramica), Umberto Fava (Tecnema), Paolo Sassi (BMR) and Carlos Ferrer (Esmalglass-Itaca). Moreno Minelli (Orizzonte) is also on the board as representative of the mould manufacturers’ group and Maurizio Manzini (United Symbol) for the heavy clay machinery producers.

In its first session, the Acimac executive board discussed the difficult market situation and acknowledged the lack of signs of recovery in all the main markets. The business leaders meeting in Villa Marchetti also reiterated their concern about the difficult credit situation caused by inadequate support from banks and the short-sightedness of the credit institutions in evaluating investments for financing as well as by delays in payments by customers.

Other items on the agenda included the critical situation regarding outsourcing, an activity that is essential for the ceramic machinery sector which like all manufacturing goods industries makes extensive use of the practice.