Calcata by Seranit

The 21st Annual Unicera International Ceramic and Bathroom Fair, held recently in Istanbul, Turkey, immediately went into full swing shortly after the opening ceremony that included state-of-the industry commentary from Zeyzep Bodur, Turkish Ceramic Federation chairperson, Turkey’s minister of industry and commerce Zafer Caglayan, and several additional industry and commerce spokespeople.

“Ceramics is the leading sector in Turkey,” said Bodur. “It is the sixth biggest in the world – ranking third in Europe.” She added that economic contributions of the ceramics industry have been remarkable, however, remain proactive and taking precautionary steps for Turkey’s continued success in the segment was imperative.

With an estimated 40,000 visitors attending the five-day show, several exhibiting companies stood out with state-of-the-art products, including:
  • Canakkale Seramik & Kalebodur: Inspired by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, the company released Bond, a technologically produced ceramic tile collection.
  • VitrA: As has been its tradition, VitrA unveiled 30 new additions to its Karo line.
  • Seranit: With its blend of porcelain and glass, Seranit debuted Calcata, a new series with “advanced production technologies and only by a few companies in the world,” the company notes.
Responding to a “heightened demand for increasingly sophisticated products,” the Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group says it has renewed its marketing drive, resulting in the launch of a new film, a new catalogue and a series of new advertising campaigns, as well as vigorous attendance at exhibitions and events.

“Turkey has been long known as a major ceramics player, thanks to its rich reserves of raw materials, long ceramics manufacturing history and high production capacity,” said Bahadır Kayan, president of the Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group.

“Now, Turkey’s ceramics manufacturers are making a concerted effort to change perceptions that the industry competes only on price and position their ceramics as a brand of choice. The focus is not restricted to quality as we are also highlighting excellence in design and harmony. Rather than just market individual products, we’ve started to create strong brands in the spirit of collaboration,” Kayan added.

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