If you think social websites aren’t for you, then you might have to rethink your business.

Snapshot of TILE's Facebook Fan page

Recently in the May/June issue of TILE Magazine, I reminisced how the Internet had changed the way we all communicated within the past few decades - specifically, the print publishing field. Here are several benefits to consider as you read this issue in its digital format:

  • You can forward an article, product or news item of interest with one click.
  • One of the showcased products caught your eye, so you print only the page you need for future reference, or save it onto your computer.
  • The search capability saved you minutes, if not hours, of valuable time.
  • There are features and enhancements only a digital edition can offer.
  • The digital format contributes to the environment.
  • There was no environmental impact with the publishing of this issue.
  • The printer didn’t run any presses to publish this issue, thus electricity and other precious resources were saved.
Not only do our readers reap the added benefits of digital editions, but publishers and editors are now able to stay completely in touch with readers and their industry-specific needs.

Further, with the use of social media tools (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example), we can determine what works best, what needs to go into further detail, or what idea should be scrapped completely. Trust me, there were several ideas that were scrapped as we were working on our 2010 editorial calendar.

If you think that these social website aren’t for you, then you might have to rethink your business. Hundreds of tile and stone manufacturers, distributors, retailers, architects/designers, and installers have joined Facebook. There are also dozens of industry organizations and associations that have their own “Fan Page.” Don’t believe me? Then check outTILE’sFan Page on Facebook and see if you can recognize any of our more than 200 fans (and growing everyday). You can find the Facebook and Twitter links on our homepage.

Whatever your chosen mode of communication is,TILEis with you every step of the way.