Crossville is in the process of launching a tile take-back program later this summer that will produce new tile with “verifiable recycled content,” the company says.

Working with CEMCO, a company that specializes in the crushing of aggregate and recycled materials, Crossville says it has developed a proprietary system of processing ceramic and porcelain tile back into powder used in manufacturing new tile. The new program also allows Crossville to take back samples and installed tile.

“We could not be more pleased with the results we have achieved by working with CEMCO. Crossville is known for its innovation and its sustainability efforts and this new process is a testament to both. It has the potential to transform the way the tile industry manages waste and it does so in a truly green manner,” said James E. “Jed” Durbin, Crossville’s manufacturing vice president.

“As a green application, we understood that not only did the process need to eliminate the waste disposal issue, but that the process needed to be as energy efficient as possible. We’re glad Crossville put their faith in us and that the results have been so favorable,” said Neil Hise, president of CEMCO.