Radiante by Mosaico+

With more than 90,000 visitors from around the world set to attend, preparations for Cersaie 2009 have been completed. The four-day show has historically been a launching pad for innovative new products.

Below is just a glimpse of what this year’s event will offer - the latest designs before they hit the market.

Pitrizza by Cerasarda


Green is not the only color getting attention this season. Yellow and blue are also turning heads on the runway and in the world of interiors. Yellow is commonly associated with happiness, confidence, innovation and creativity, while blue is calming, stable and spiritual. Integrating these colors into everything from wardrobes to work places may help infuse positive energy into the current economic situation.


On the geometric front, it is a battle between classic shapes and modern forms with both sides coming out as winners.

Imperiale by Piemme


When it comes to texture, some tiles just beg to be touched. Whether on display at a trade show or in a showroom, the first thing people do is run their hand over the surface. From soft and silky to rough-hewn to grooved, the surface solutions are limitless.

Great Outdoors

Porcelain, a material pioneered by Italian manufacturers, is a widely popular product that can be used both indoors and out. It is dense, smooth and impervious – with a water absorption rate of .5 or less. Thanks to its physical properties, it is frost-proof, slip-resistant and extremely durable. In addition, porcelain tile is resistant to chemicals, thermal shock, UV rays, scratching, scoring and wear, making it an ideal outdoor solution.

Palace by Versace Home

Burnished Metal

As glitz is giving way to the more subdued, product manufacturers are responding. This season’s latest crop of metallics has a timeless appeal.

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To learn more about the show’s exhibitors and events, visit www.cersaie.it.