NAC Products has become the new exclusive provider of MARMOX-NACbacker Boards in North America.

Tom Duvé (left) and Brian Petit finish signing the exclusive contract between the CMB Group and NAC Products.

NAC Products is the new exclusive provider of MARMOX-NACbacker Boards in North America. MARMOX-NACbacker Boards are “high performance, reinforced tile backer boards, shower pans, shower kits and accessories made of waterproof extruded polystyrene, faced with a fiberglass mesh embedded into a waterproof cement polymer mortar,” NAC notes.

“I truly believe the MARMOX-NACbacker Systems bring another premium product line to the NAC family,” says Nick Duvé, NAC marketing director. “This new line of products offers our customers light-weight backer boards, pre-sloped shower pans, full shower kits, niches and curbs.”

NAC teamed up with the CMB Group, an Egyptian based company with more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and distributing MARMOX-NACbacker Boards throughout the world. Together, NAC Products and CMB Group total over 55 years of experience in the flooring and building industry.

The MARMOX-NACbacker boards are currently being distributed in 12 countries by the CMB Group. CMB says it believes that working with NAC Products will lead to success in North America. “Marmox-NACbacker Boards are the perfect solution for insulating and waterproofing in one operation,” says Dr. Kamal Mostafa, CMB Group president. “Marmox-NACbacker Boards are licensed and tested by the most important international independent institutes like the very well known BBA (England) and SINTEF (Scandinavian).” These certifications test the board’s performance in fire, impact resistance, floor loading, condensation risk and durability.

“NAC and CMB are a perfect fit. We are both family owned and operated companies who understand innovation, service and quality are keys to a successful venture,” says Tom Duvé, CEO of NAC Products. “MARMOX-NACbacker Systems complete an important step for the expansion of NAC in the United States and international market.”

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