GerrityStone has named Jack Parquette as its new president. Concurrent to this move, CEO Tracy Streckenbach will be moving from her current position to Senior Advisor of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Gerrity Company.

“It was exactly two years ago this month that I joined GerrityStone to lead the company’s restructuring and positioning efforts, and to get it on track to profitability,” Streckenbach said. “With each of the key initiatives successfully implemented, we move onto Phase II of the growth plan. This phase requires an entirely different skill set, and one to which Jack Parquette is extremely well suited.”

From 1972 to 1994, Parquette worked for Gerrity Lumber, eventually becoming the company’s vp of sales before moving on to other professional challenges. “His years of expertise in the building industry in New England and elsewhere combined with his intimate knowledge of the company history makes him the perfect candidate for president,” the company notes.

“GerrityStone has undergone significant change since my time working with the Gerrity businesses, but I’ve always known that what makes this company stand out is our talented team of craftspeople and sales staff, its commitment to quality, and our uncompromising dedication to customer service,” Parquette said. “I’m proud to be part of the GerrityStone family once again, and to lead the company into its next phase of growth. With the groundwork set, and the company strong, we’re turning our attention to the implementation of exciting, new cutting-edge technology we are currently installing. These new tools will provide a competitive advantage for GerrityStone and our customers for years to come, further enforcing the company’s position as an industry leader.”

Streckenbach will continue to work closely with GerrityStone during the transition and then move into her new role as a consultant, advising on mergers and acquisitions and developing new strategies for future growth. “It takes a special kind of company to do what we’ve done here over the past two years,” Ms. Streckenbach said. “Restructuring at the scale we achieved here takes the dedication, focus, and patience of the entire team. The team’s ability to come together and make some dramatic business changes in a very short timeframe is something that should forever make them proud.”