A dedicated section where select companies can spotlight new environmentally friendly products, share case studies where the USGBC and LEED points played a major role in a recent project, or to highlight the eco-efforts of a company. Included in this special:
  • CertainTeed
  • Coverings
  • Custom Building Products
  • Florida Tile
  • MP Global
  • Tiles of Spain


CertainTeed Gypsum meets customer demand for sustainability
Products deliver comfort, protection and performance.

Known for being a leader in interior and exterior building products, CertainTeed provides innovative solutions for commercial, institutional and residential designs.

From its GlasRoc® paperless, fully embedded glass mat gypsum panels to its ProRoc® wallboard and finishing products, CertainTeed Gypsum’s product portfolio includes a wide range of exterior sheathing, fire-rated assemblies, area separation and shaft wall, abuse resistant board, moisture and mold resistant board for walls and ceilings, glass mat tile backerboard, and joint compounds and tapes. The company’s new ProRoc® Moisture and Mold Resistant Gypsum Board with M2Tech™ and GlasRoc® Tile Backer products contribute to sustainable design by combining moisture and mold resistance for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

GlasRoc® glass mat gypsum products with Embedded Glass Reinforced Gypsum™ (EGRG™) Technology
CertainTeed Gypsum’s GlasRoc product line features patented technology with reinforcing glass mats, fully embedded into a water-resistant core for complete protection inside and out. GlasRoc technology is available in a high performance exterior sheathing with a 12-month exposure warranty to protect a building project during construction, and an interior tile backerboard for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. With an innovative, built-in moisture-blocking acrylic coating that resists moisture at the surface, GlasRoc® can help protect wall cavities from moisture intrusion. Lightweight and easy to cut and install, GlasRoc meets ASTM C 1177 for sheathing and ASTM C 1178 for tile backer.

ProRoc® Gypsum Board and ProRoc® with M2Tech™
ProRoc® wallboard is a paper-faced gypsum board for everyday interior wall and ceiling applications. CertainTeed Gypsum also offers abuse board for use in schools and healthcare facilities, as well as gypsum board designed for use in area separation firewalls for multi-family dwellings, shaft liner for elevator shaft walls and stairwells, and numerous UL-listed fire-rated assemblies. The ProRoc® Moisture and Mold Resistant Gypsum Board with M2Tech™ and Type X M2Tech™ lines combine a water resistive core and a moisture and mold resistant face paper for added protection against moisture, and thus improved indoor air quality.

ProRoc® Finishing Compounds, Spray Textures, Plasters, and Finishing Joint Tapes
CertainTeed has united our quality finishing products with our top-of-the-line wallboard to bring a complete drywall solution under a single name...ProRoc®. The result is professional-grade performance properties that help speed up application and minimize costly callbacks.

CertainTeed continues to look for ways to reduce impact on the environment while meeting customer demand for sustainable products that deliver comfort, protection and performance. All ProRoc® wallboard paper consists of 100% recycled content. CertainTeed Gypsum operates its manufacturing facilities with a responsible and environmentally conscious ethic that includes reclamation, preservation of natural resources, recycling and waste management.

Call (800) 233-8990 or visitwww.certainteed.comfor more information.


Coverings is all Green

Coverings, the Ultimate Tile + Stone Experience, returns to Orlando with all the tools you need to be the strongest and smartest competitor in your market. Whether you are a specifier, builder/remodeler, distributor, manufacturer, fabricator, installer, contractor or retailer, you’ll find everything you need for your business at Coverings.

At Coverings 2010 you can take a trip around the world of tile + stone with over 1,000 global exhibitors on our show floor.  More than 70 FREE education sessions will be offered featuring masters in the field and providing you with business-building resources. Experience new sources, contacts, products and education, everything you need to maintain your business edge. And remember, it’s ALL FREE.

Coverings is featuring two new GREEN programs for 2010:
  • PROJECT: Green - Discover sustainable ideas and concepts from selected projects showcased right on the show floor. Find inspiration for your next green project!
  • Green Conference Certificate: Learn about sustainable trends and products in the industry with Coverings green programming sessions, and you can earn a special certificate of completion.
You’ll walk away with knowledge on the latest green initiatives from sessions including:
  • Unified Tile Industry Environmental Initiatives
  • Using Tile in Your Next Green Building Project
  • Performance, Energy Efficiency and Improved Indoor Environmental Quality with Tile, Marble and Terrazzo
  • Chameleon Strategies for Turning Green
  • Tired of Talking Green? Let’s Sell Green!
  • Green Residential Flooring Trends
  • Make the Building Green – Not the Shower: Moisture and Mold Management in Sustainable Construction
  • Leaner, Greener, Larger, Lighter: Thin Tile Systems
  • Stone in Green Building: Moving the Stone Industry Toward Sustainability
For more information on these green programs or to register today for FREE please visit our website atwww.coverings.com.

Custom Building Products

CEG-Lite from Custom Building Products is Industry’s Newest Green Epoxy Grout Custom® Building Products has a long, proven history of commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Now Custom has introduced CEG-Lite™ Commercial Epoxy Grout, the latest Custom product to carry its respected Build Green® label.

A lightweight, 100 percent solids epoxy grout, CEG-Lite is formulated with CustomLite® Technology, using the same recycled content found in Custom’s other lightweight setting materials and making it the first 100 percent solids epoxy grout that contributes to LEED certification based on recycled content.

Because of its high durability, installations using CEG-Lite as part of a complete system from Custom may have a longer lifespan, thereby reducing materials that end up in landfills when projects are replaced. And CEG-Lite is sold in both 1- and 2-gallon sizes to help reduce waste.

But CEG-Lite is more than just an environmentally-responsible epoxy grout. CEG-Lite represents a breakthrough in epoxy technology, delivering the high stain and chemical resistance professionals expect, combined with handling characteristics and versatility that far surpass other epoxy grouts. Its innovative formula gives CEG-Lite a smoother, creamier consistency that flows easily into grout joints and works effectively to prevent sag on vertical applications without additives. It is color-fast, delivers uniform color, and can be used for grout joints ranging in size from 3/4-inch down to 1/16-inch.

Because of its high strength and extreme resistance to acids, alkalies, solvents and other chemicals, CEG-Lite is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as chemical or food processing plants, restaurants or hospitals that CEG-Lite exceeds ANSI A118.3 standards, and can be used with virtually any type of tile. For more information, please visitwww.custombuildingproducts.com.

Florida Tile

Florida Tile’s Commitment to the Environment is a Legend in the Making…
The new Legend HDP series from Florida Tile and future HDP products use a revolutionary new application technique called digital printing to apply the ceramic decorations. The obvious effect of digital printing is the vastly improved resolution that allows for stunning, varied graphics. A less obvious effect of the technology is less waste. Here’s how it works.

In a typical glazed porcelain, the glazed tile moves under rotary decorating heads. These decorating heads are constantly picking up ceramic ink from a reservoir. When a tile passes underneath, the ink is applied to the surface of the tile. When a tile is not passing underneath, the ink remains on the print head and the reservoir continues to fill. Over time the ink must be replaced with fresh whether it ends up on a tile or not. When the rolls are done, they must be steam cleaned and the remaining ink is washed out of the roll. The wash-up water is treated with chemicals and the waste is recycled.

In a digital product, ink is only dispensed when a tile is in position underneath the print head. This means less ink is recirculated and lost. It also means less wash-up water to be treated, less chemicals used, and less ink to be recycled or potentially discarded. In this way, the new HDP products from Florida Tile are not only more beautiful, but also more environmentally friendly than standard, glazed porcelain.

Next time you pick up a piece of Legend HDP, you can be confident that not only is it GREENGUARD certified and a Certified Porcelain product, but the process that made the tile itself generates less waste. Florida Tile is proud to continue our long line of firsts. We were the first to remove all lead from our glazes, the first to get our products independently certified, and now the first to produce high definition tiles right here in the US. Visitwww.floridatile.com.

Tile of Spain

Environmental Innovation From Spain
By Amanda Eden

Products from Tile of Spain branded manufacturers are on the forefront of high-performance and sustainable design. Answering the call for more eco-responsible building materials, ceramic tile offers a multitude of environmental benefits. The manufacturing process recycles 100% of retained production water, resulting in a drastic reduction in water consumption. In the past twenty years, the industry has tripled its production yet managed to reduce gaseous emissions by 75% of the original 1970’s consumption levels required to produce only one third of the product.

Material waste is eliminated by recycling scraps as they are cut. Scraps are sent back to the beginning of the process to be reground and reformed into fresh material. Additionally, the natural clay and sand used are regional materials and relatively abundant resources.

In addition to embracing corporate responsibility, several manufacturers have made bold strides in new innovations that incorporate recycled materials or include a sustainable functionality. For example, some products are made with up to 80% pre-consumer recycled material and are ecological ceramics where manufacturers have taken sustainability into account throughout the entire production process.

Tile of Spain branded manufacturers are also leading the pack in new ventilated façade applications. Some groundbreaking innovations incorporate such advanced technology as titanium dioxide-infused glazes creating a product that continuously decontaminates the air. When used in a ventilated façade application, these functional ceramics filter harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx), the air contaminant responsible for acid rain and a leading cause of climate change and pulmonary diseases.

Many companies are embracing slim tile concepts which hold environmental benefits by virtue of their lighter weight. Less weight means a considerable reduction in energy and resources throughout manufacturing and shipping. For example, some manufacturers report a 50% reduction in clay and petrol consumption and CO2 emissions during transportation; 45% reduction in natural gas consumption and CO2 emissions during manufacturing; and a 50% reduction in cardboard, plastic and wood used for packaging.

For more information, contact Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Call (305) 446-4387 or visitwww.spaintiles.info.