The International Industry E-learning Academy (IIEA) set up by Acimac (Italian Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association) has officially launched. IIEA is a training school for businesses based on an advanced e-learning platform.

“Our association has always been strongly committed to training activities both in Italy and abroad,” declared Paolo Gambuli, director general of Acimac. “To provide an even better and up-to-date service, we have decided to complement traditional classroom-based teaching activities with an online training method that is more versatile and effective and adapts to evolving company requirements.”

The interactive and multimedia courses are designed to benefit everyone involved in the ceramic industry, including machinery, manufacturers, retailers and professionals.

“The most unique and innovative aspect of our school is the availability of courses tailored to individual companies’ requirements,” adds IIEA director Cinzia Gennarelli. “One of the most important competitive factors today, particularly in difficult periods like the present, is effective management of company knowledge, all the experience, expertise and processes that make our companies competitive in world markets. IIEA is a partner that can help companies catalogue and organise the wealth of company knowledge and expertise that is currently distributed amongst the various offices, stored on individual computers and in documents or in some cases simply passed on orally between employees. This way it can be made available to internal and external personnel (salespersons, agents, representatives, installers) who often live in countries very distant from the company headquarters.”

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