ParexLahabra, the parent company of building material brands; Parex, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, Teifs, and MerKrete Systems, has unveiled its newly redesigned website (

The new website features expanded content, incorporates colors and graphics and completely new navigational tools. “The redesigned site aims to provide users with a clean uncluttered environment allowing users quicker access to the key information they are after,” the company notes.

"We went to our primary users for feedback on our current site. Based on this feedback we were able to develop a site that not only met the needs of our users but also exceeded their expectations," said Quenton Roehricht, Parex brand manager.

The launch is the result of over six months of work with partner BuildingOnline, the Building Industry leader in website design, and key members of the ParexLahabra team. "The new was designed and programmed by BuildingOnline,” said Alan Wickstrom, president/ceo of BuildingOnline. “From the dynamic Product Selector, and customizable Submittal Package programs, to the Automatic LEED letter generator, our goal was to provide for clean design and an easy-to-use navigation/search functions to make finding and using this information readily accessible to all pros 24/7."

"As a leading EIFS provider, we realize that users need to access the information they seek quickly,” said Roehricht. “This is especially true for audiences that are new to EIFS as an exterior cladding. With this new website we have been able to accomplish this and more."