The USGBC has launched the LEED Pilot Credit Library, a new tool that will add to the flexibility of that continuous improvement process, the organization says. “The ability to introduce proposed new credits and prerequisites to LEED through a credit-by-credit pilot process was a key component to LEED v3, the newest version of LEED that was released in April 2009. Credit piloting allows LEED to adhere to a predictable improvement cycle while remaining adaptable.”

Further, according to USGBC, “Because innovation doesn’t follow a schedule, the ability to introduce new ideas to LEED without waiting for the launch of an entirely new version of the rating systems is critical to the ability of LEED to continue to raise the bar and drive the marketplace toward greater sustainability. With the introduction this week of six proposed new LEED credits, the LEED Pilot Credit Library is now up and running – and ready for your help to ensure the highest level of integrity.” For more information, visit