ACIMAC director Pietro Cassani

The second day of Expo Revestir in São Paulo, Brazil, brought together exhibitors and representatives of the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics (ACIMAC) to discuss market trends for Italian ceramic tiles and its relationship with Brazil.

During the new conference, organized by the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), ACIMAC director Pietro Cassani stressed the importance of having Brazil as a partner. "The ceramic industry in Brazil has developed significantly over the last three years and the prospect is to continue for the next 10. While Europe is still in crisis, Brazil grows. This demonstrates its importance as a world power," he said. Cassani also noted the quality level of the national products, emphasizing their quality and refinement.

Italian architect Francesco Lucchese also attended the meeting and made a brief lecture on fashion design and architecture. Comparing clothing to buildings and objects, he explained that while clothes are a way for humans to express themselves, good design could do the same thing for construction. “When developing a project, the fashion designer chooses to highlight aspects of the body, to enhance volume and create textures. The architect can also show off objects in this way," said the architect.

Further, Lucchese emphasized that in the globalized world, market trends become more universal and not local. Therefore, issues such as sustainability should be thought of on a broader level. He also commented on the use of ecological materials. "Materials of this nature can still be more expensive, but its use depends on awareness and establishing priorities," he said. Following with Expo Revestir’s 2010 theme ofFashion Week of Architecture and Construction, the Italian Pavilion set up a runway, where attendees found floor covering of models, “The idea is to draw attention to the beauty and quality of products, showing that as well as clothes, they can take over the catwalks,” organizers said.

Also highlighting day two of Expo Revestir was the Formula Indy event sponsored by APEX-Brazil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Imports and Investment). Brazilian racecar driver Mario Romancini, who appeared at this event, will make take on his first race in São Paulo circuit on Sunday, March 14.