Habitando(living) will be the theme for Trans/Hitos 2010, held in conjunction with Cevisama (Feb. 9-12, Valencia, Spain). It refers to the varying family models and cohabitation methods. The architecture firms of Patxi Mangado y Asociados, Saeta Estudi and ADD+Bailo Rull will collaborate in the contests.

Now in its sixth year, Trans/hitos 2010 is a show on the ceramic industry’s progress in the field of interior design, architecture, urban planning and materials design and will be located at the main hall in Feria Valencia. The show has become one of the main attractions within the complementary events that CEVISAMA Indi offers each year to all professionals attending the affair.

TheMuestra de Arquitectura e Interiorismo de Cerámica Trans/hitos 2010(show on ceramic architecture and interior design):Habitandowill refer to the various models in which people cohabitate, while coexisting with important technological progress. “It will also refer to how the world’s almost seven billion people, are deeply concerned about the environment,” organizers say.

Progress in material and building systems will also play an important role in the show, which will be supported by the Spanish Department of Industry, Trading and Innovation, Regional Government of Valencia via Impiva (Valencia’s SME Institute) and European Funds ERDF (European Regional Fund Development), as well as ASCER, DDI and CEVISAMA.

For more information, visit www.cevisama.feriavalencia.com.