Mosaic artist Dianne Sonnenberg’s masterpiece titled “Ocean(egg)raphy” has been selected by a juried commission on behalf of Mosaic Arts International as winner of the 2010 Best Architectural Award. Sonnenberg was officially recognized on March 19, 2010, at the Smith Museum of Stained Glass on Chicago’s Navy Pier during this year’s American Mosaic Summit. The week-long event marked the 10th annual conference and exhibition hosted by the Society of American Mosaic Artists.

Sonnenberg’s “Ocean(egg)raphy” consists of two six-foot tall mosaic tile covered eggs with an underwater theme expressed with seashells, schools of fish, underwater creatures, and other water-inspired elements surrounded by a swirling ocean current. To set off certain sections and details, Sonnenberg utilized three different options of the Laticrete SpectraLOCK Grout Dazzle component, including Glow-in-the-Dark, Silver and Gold. Based in Austin, TX, Sonnenberg created “Ocean(egg)raphy” for the backyard of a fellow Austin resident.

In addition to Laticrete's SpectraLOCK Grout Dazzle, Sonnenberg used SpectraLOCK Pro Grout in White and Black for certain sections of her award-winning mosaic art project.

Each of the two eggs in Sonnenberg’s internationally-acclaimed Ocean(egg)raphy weigh nearly 250 pounds with over 80 square feet of surface area. The eggs consist of a styrofoam core reinforced with rebar that are bolted to a steel base. The nautilus shell is cut out of iridescent stained glass, fired in a kiln and slumped slightly to match the eggs shape. The eggs were installed and then bolted to a gunnite shell in the new owner’s backyard.

“I chose Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Grout for this project because it was very important to have a long-lasting, durable grout that would retain its beauty over time,” said Sonnenberg. “After spending over a year creating Ocean(egg)raphy, choosing the right grout was an essential part of the process. I was also able to create some stunning visual effects using the Gold and Silver Dazzle components, as well as strategically placed Glow-in-the-Dark areas. I delight in using these components as there is nothing else like them in the marketplace. They offer a one of a kind effect.”