Environmental awareness and renewable energy will be the guiding theme of the IED LAB exhibit at Tecnargilla 2010, set for Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, in Rimini, Italy. The trade fair of supplies for the ceramics and brick industry will be showcasing design concepts from students at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. The projects displayed at the fair have been created by third-year students from around the world who are enrolled in the Industrial Design course, and were the subject of a normal academic exam, as an additional guarantee of their quality, show organizers said.

The designs all revolve around the innovative use of ceramics: porous, extruded, bio, recycled, and combined ceramics, used alone or with other materials.

Under the guidance of Professor Raoul Schoumaker, an artist, lecturer, teacher, and industrial designer specializing in product/project management, the young designers worked to develop objects that would meet urban needs, conceiving both mobile and structural elements, with indoor and outdoor architectural components.

The exhibit includes environmentally-conscious objects aimed at employing renewable energy, with examples including the “Ripple” fountain, a grass roofing system, and radiant flooring.

The students also explored the application of ceramics to road design, coming up with methods for creating prefabricated, modular noise barriers that are resistant to wear-and-tear and to vandalism: attractive elements that add beauty rather than dreariness to their surroundings.

The concepts for street furniture range from drinking fountains to road dividers, as well as wind-powered heating systems and restful oasis for city dwellers, and show a keen focus on the hygienic aspects of public spaces and the importance of privacy, with partitions for homes, offices, and shops.

For more information about Tecnargilla, visitwww.tecnargilla.it.