The Hüsnü Şenlendirici Ensemble will be entertaining the masses at Piazza Magiore during Ceraie 2010.

The Turkish Ceramics Promotion Group (“Turkishceramics”) has been busily preparing for yet another unforgettable concert at Piazza Maggiore during the upcoming Cersaie exhibition and fair in Bologna, Italy (Sept. 28-Oct. 2).

Last year, the same square witnessed the sophisticated music of Mercan Dede. In keeping with the musical tradition set by Turkishceramics, Cersaie visitors will hear the master of clarinetists, Hüsnü Senlendirici Ensemble, who will brighten the Bolognese evening with its unique folk music that incorporates jazz.

Additionally, ceramISTanbul will be unveiled during the exhibition. Visitors will be amazed by how industrial and contemporary ceramic art come together in producing ceramics; and how 8,000 years of experience has reached perfection in Turkish Ceramics. With the participation of 42 Turkish contemporary ceramists, the “ceramISTanbul in Bologna” exhibition can be experienced for the entire duration of Cersaie in Palazzo dei Congressi, Sala Bianca.

Fifteen Turkish ceramic companies will be exhibiting in this edition of Cersaie - showing their latest designs and technologies. They are:
  • Bien Ceramic
  • Çanakkale Ceramic
  • Ece Ceramic
  • Ege Ceramic
  • Graniser
  • Gural Sanitaryware
  • Hitit Ceramic
  • Kalekim
  • Kutahya Ceramic
  • Seramiksan
  • Seranit
  • Sogutsen Ceramic
  • Termal Ceramic
  • Usak Ceramic
  • Vitra
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