Kale Group Chairwoman Zeynep Bodur Okyay

Kale Group, a Turkey-based ceramic products manufacturer with the brands Kale, Çanakkale Seramik, Kalebodur and Kalekim, recently celebrated its 53rd anniversary at the annual Ceramic Festival at the Kaleseramik Plants in the Çan District of Çanakkale, Turkey. The event drew local dignitaries including the State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek, State Minister Faruk Nafiz Özak, Çanakkale Governor Abdülkadir Atalık, Çan Mayor Abdurrahman Kuzu, and Çan Governor Hasan Gözen.

In her speech, Kale Group Chairwoman Zeynep Bodur Okyay talked about Kale Group’s operations in the wake of the difficult economy. “During this time, the solidarity and cooperation we have developed with our employees, retailers, suppliers, or in short, our long term business partners has helped us to stand resolutely. Thanks to this, we have become a company that weathered the crisis without being harmed in a sector that suffered heavy shocks. I extend my gratitude to our employees, retailers and business partners who have not spared their support during this time.”

“We focused particularly on productivity and increased our investments to this end, and did not allow the crisis to halt our half-a-century old enthusiasm,” she added.

Following Okyay’s presentation, Kale Group Honorary Chairman and Founding Executive Director Dr. H. Abrahim Bodur shared his memories about the struggles and circumstances in establishing the ceramic plant in 1957. Bodur said that he was happy with the growth of Çan District in relation to the plant.