The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) has embarked upon research for a hypoallergenicity standard to evaluate ceramic tile and installation products.

In accordance with TCNA’s commitment towards greener and healthier environments, TCNA Research Scientist, Dr. Jyothi Rangineni, is developing a protocol to test the hypoallergenic qualities of tile and installation products and to test if they induce allergenic reactions in people who use them.

The TCNA says its goal in conducting this research is to develop a standard for certification, which would allow a product to be marketed as hypoallergenic. Two variations of ISO 10993-5:2009, which is the test standard for the hypoallergenicity evaluation of medical devices, are in development to evaluate for contact and inhaled allergens.

“This new standard will give our manufacturers a platform to evaluate and market their products competitively against other surfaces that have historically made such claims,” noted Dr. Rangineni. This research is an extension of TCNA’s initiative to provide the industry with new testing services geared towards human health, safety, and the environment.