Installers taking the CTI exam install tile on a module like this one during the hands-on portion of the test.

One of the attractions at Coverings this year is a chance to see a Certified Tile Installer (CTI) test in progress on the show floor. This test – which confirms minimum industry standards for properly installed tiles for qualified installers with a minimum of two years’ experience - will take placeTuesday and Wednesday, March 15-16, at Booth #1069.

The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) launched the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program with its inaugural testing of tile installers at Coverings 2008. The CTI program returns this year to Coverings 2011 having celebrated a milestone in the program of having amassed five hundred CTIs over the last three years. This is a great accomplishment especially given today’s economy and that certifying tile installers is relatively new to our industry.

CTEF is aiming to certify 500 more tile installers in 2011, to bring the total number of Certified Tile Installers to 1,000 by year’s end.

The Next Level

To move certification to the next level, CTEF has set a lofty goal for 2011 of certifying five hundred installers in just one year, effectively doubling the pool of qualified tile mechanics.

The CTI program, which includes both hands-on and written testing, provides the successful tile installer with a method of showing potential customers that he or she has met the minimum industry standards for properly installed tile. The hands-on exam requires the tile installer to take a project from a written document to the finished product within a specified time period without the assistance of another person. The 155-question open book written exam tests the installer’s knowledge of these industry standards and accepted best practices. All test questions are based on the information presented in theTCNA Handbook, ANSI Specifications and theCTI Manual.

Why Certification?

Upon successful completion, the new CTI receives a certificate, wallet card and are listed on the CTEF website to show potential clients that they have met the minimum installation standards and have joined an elite class of tile installers that raises the standard of tile installation industry-wide. This group is focused on doing the best job possible at a fair price the first time.

Qualified installers with a minimum of two years experience may register to take the CTI exam at a site close to their home. This on-site testing keeps the installer’s cost low by eliminating hotel and travel expenses and reducing or eliminating lost wages while away from the job.

The registration fee is $295 per person with a special reduced rate for NTCA members of $195.

It Pay$ 2 B Certified!

Upon successful completion of the exams, the new CTI is entitled to participate in the coupon program, “It Pay$ 2 B Certified.” The coupon program provides the installer with their choice of $300 worth of manufacturers’ coupons which eliminates their cost to become certified. It really does pay to be certified!

Catch the momentum of the CTI program and become a Certified Tile Installer today! You will be viewed as a cut above the rest, get more and better work and be compensated fairly for the better quality work you provide.

For more information on the CTI program, visitwww.tilecareer.comor phone (864) 222-2131.