The 2011 Underlayment Guide showcases the latest underlayment products available from participating manufacturers.

Company Name:Bostik, Inc.
Phone:(800) 7BOSTIK
Company Contact:Christine Krisko
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Bostik UltraFinish™- Latex-fortified, cement-based patch/for interior use prior to installing hardwood, ceramic, carpet, vinyl, or rubber flooring. Contains Bostik Blockade antimicrobial protection. SL-150- Self-leveling, cement-based underlayment/repair, smooth, level concrete, ceramic/terrazzo, approved plywood subfloors prior to installation of ceramic tile.Fast Patch 102- Fast-setting, polymer-modified, cement-based compound/repair cracks, holes, uneven surfaces prior to ceramic tile installation. Can be applied over concrete, existing ceramic tile, exterior-grade plywood or well-bonded vinyl tile.GoldPlus™- Roller-applied, latex waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane/for interior use benearth thin-set ceramic tile installations on vertical or horizontal surfaces. Contains Bostik Blockade antimicrobial protection.UltraSet® Advanced- Trowel-applied, elastomeric waterproofing, crack, and sound isolation membrane and setting adhesive/use over properly-prepared concrete; structurally-sound, exterior grade plywood (interior/dry use only); cementitious backer board; and existing, well-bonded vinyl/VCT or ceramic tile, prior to the installation of ceramic or stone tile. Ultra-Set Advanced may be used with gypsum-based underlayments in dry, above grade installations.

Company Name:CertainTeed Gypsum
Phone:(800) 233-8990
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Diamondback™ Tile Backer- Protects tile installation and wall cavities from moisture intrusion.

Company Name:Custom Building Products
Phone:(800) 282-8786
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:SpiderWeb™Uncoupling Mat;EasyMat®with SoundGard® Technology Tile & Stone Underlayment;Crack Buster® Pro Crack Prevention Mat Underlayment;Levelite®Self-Leveling underlayment;RedGard®Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane.

Company Name:Dural USA
Phone:(706) 695-9888
VP North America:Wade Verble
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
DURABASE CI PLUS– “The Perfect Solution” Underlayment: Completely redesigned for 2011. Waterproofing, Vapor Management, Crack Isolation.DURABASE ACI– “The Perfect Solution” As a peel-and stick-application, this acoustical underlayment absorbs/reduces sound transmission in multi-story buildings.DURABASE WP– “The Perfect Solution” Underlayment for shower installs: extremely elastic waterproof membranes. Excellent for walls and floors.

Company Name:LATICRETE
Phone:(800) 243-4788
Director of Technical Services:Art Mintie
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
LATICRETE® 86 LatiLevel™- can be poured from feather edge to 1-1/2” thickness in one pour.LATICRETE 816 LatiPatch™- Ideal for difficult substrates such as non water soluable cutback adhesive.LATICRETE Hydro Ban™- Waterproofing anti-fracture membrane that doesn’t require fabric and allows for flood testing in two hours.LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive- Sound control and crack suppression in a one step single component adhesive.LATAPOXY® 312 Vapor Reduction Membrane- Reduces the moisture vapor emission rate from concrete; ideal for slab on grade construction.Drytek® 4000- Economical self-leveling underlayment designed for interior use over concrete, ceramic tile and vinyl.Drytek® 7200- High quality, self-leveling underlayment designed for interior use over concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl and wood.Drytek® 7400- Fast drying formulation designed for interior applications as an underlayment and wear surface.Drytek® 9400- Premium fast drying formulation designed for interior applications as a wear surface.Drytek® Skim Coat- Fast-drying underlayment designed for skim-coating, smoothing and leveling from feather edge to 1” prior to the application of floor coverings.

Company Name:MAPEI Corporation
Phone:(954) 246-8888
Business Manager – Concrete Restoration Systems:Todd Miller
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Ultraplan Easy- high-performance, easy-preparation, self-leveling underlayment.Novoplan 2- professional, self-leveling underlayment.Ultraplan 1 Plus- High-performance, self-leveling underlayment.Ultraplan M20 Plus- Quick-setting, high-compressive-strength underlayment.Planitex SL- Self-leveling underlayment for gypsum and wood substrates.

Company Name:MERKRETE Tile & Stone Installation Systems
Phone:(714) 778-2266; (800) 581-6303
Vice-President:Tim McDonald
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
UNDERLAY CIdeal for achieving a slope base foundation for drainage;UNDERLAY LPremium high strength two component polymer underlayment;UNDERLAY MProfessional grade two component polymer underlayment;UNDERLAY RSProfessional grade rapid setting underlayment;UNDERLAY SLUSelf Leveling underlayment from featheredge to ¾” thickness.

Company Name:MP Global Products, LLC
Address:P.O. Box 2283, Norfolk, NE 68702-2283
Phone:(888) 379-9695
Fax:(402) 379-9737
Dir. Marketing & Sales:Jack Boesch
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Ultralayer Peel and StickInsulates, deadens sound and suppresses lateral cracks;QuietWalk Premiumunderlayment for laminate wood flooring;Insulayment Underlaymentfor glue-down or engineered wood floors;FiberBacker Underlaymentfor ceramic or porcelain tile floors; andDuoFoam Polyethylenefoam with special moisture resistant film on both sides.

Company Name:NAC Products, Inc.
Address:3200 South Main St., Akron, OH 44319
Phone:(800) 633-4622
Fax:(330) 644-3557
Marketing Manager:Nick Duve
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
ECB Anti-Fracture MembraneLongest lasting, most reliable & highest rated membrane on the market today!Strataflex Waterproofing & Anti-Fracture Membraneis perfect for interior & exterior waterproofing in a single application.Marmox-NAC Backer Lightweight, Waterproofing Backer Boardsare NOT your typical backer boards! Easy to cut, light-weight, waterproof and thermal insulator.Super SAM 125 Sound Control Membraneis a sound reduction membrane, crack suppression membrane and waterproof membrane when used with an approved sealant, all in one easy-to-use roll.ECB Green Anti-Fracture & Waterproofing Membraneis THE very first “Green” self-adhering, crack isolation membrane on the market! Perfect for LEED specification!

Company Name:National Flooring Equipment
Phone:(763) 315-5300
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
8274/9274 Panther® Planetary Floor Prep & Polish Systems5274 Floor Preparation System. Removes, Polishes and Sands. 92650/92800 26” & 30” Planetary Flooring SystemsRuns up to1,100-ft. of 10-gauge cord!Panther® Ride-On Floor Removal SystemsGas, Electric, or Battery-operated options.Panther® Hydraulic Walk-Behind Floor Removal Systems.

Company Name:Noble Company
Phone:(800) 878-5788
Company Contact:Richard Maurer
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Chloraloy®- the original CPE shower pan liner;NobleSeal® TS- waterproofing sheet membrane for thin-bed applications;NobleSeal® CIS- crack isolation sheet membrane;NobleSeal® SIS- sound reduction sheet membrane;FreeStyle Linear Drain- ideal for use in curbless, barrier-free & ADA wet area applications.

Company Name:ProSpec
Phone:(800) 738-1621
Company Contact:Kirk Kazienko
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Level Set 300 Premium Self-Leveling Underlayment. Superior flow with no troweling required.Level Set LW-60 Lightweight Self-Leveling Underlayment. 50% lighter than conventional cement gypsum systems.Level Set Deep Pour 3 Self-Leveling Underlayment. Applications from feather edge to 3”.Feather Edge Premium, polymer modified, rapid setting, trowelable finishing underlayment.Level Set Wear Topping. High strength, abrasion-resistant wear surface, designed for commercial use.

Company Name:QT Sound Insulation
Phone:(866) 326-5712; (717) 295-3414
Company Contact:Jocelyn Dillman
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
QTscu- Patented, recycled rubber underlayment designed to solve impact sound problems.

Company Name:Schluter-Systems
Phone:(800) 472-4588
Erin Malone
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Schluter-DITRA. Uncoupling layer, waterproofing membrane, vapor management layer for tile installations. Schluter-DITRA XL. 5/16” thick DITRA for even transitions from tile to 3/4” hardwood.

Company Name: Siena Tile & Stone Installation Products
Address: 1681 California Ave., Corona, CA 92881
Phone: (951) 737-7447
Fax: (951) 346-9287
Dir. Sales & Marketing: Christine Camponovo
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Siena Dragon Skin is a premium, ready to use waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane. Siena Fracture Shield is a premium, ready-to-use anti-fracture and crack isolation membrane. Siena Elasto Pro is a premium anti-fracture and crack isolation mortar and membrane in one. Siena Self-Level SLU is rapid setting, and creates a smooth, level surface for fast leveling projects.

Company Name: Sound Seal/Impacta Flooring Division
Phone: (800) 569-1294
National Sales Manager: Bill Devin
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Impacta-Regupol ProBase acoustical rubber underlayment CeraZorb 5mm, synthetic cork underlay Cerama Core Tile backer board – peel & stick Cera Silence – underlayment system for marble and stone flooring.

Company Name: Southern Grouts & Mortars, Inc.
Phone: (954) 943-2288
Company Contact: Robert Pritchard
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
CSM 40 Crack Suppression Membrane CSM 90 Sound Control Underlayment; Southcrete 1132 Waterproofing Membrane Southcrete 1100 Crack Suppression Kit; Southcrete 826 Fast Setting Patch.

Company Name: Tramex c/o Black Hawk Sales, Inc.
Phone: (303) 972-7926
Company Contact: Dennis Wieszcholek
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
CME4-Non-destructive instant moisture content reading; CMEXII- Instant concrete moisture content reading and humidity probe; Tramex MEP - Non-destructive pre and post installation moisture meter; MRHIII Pre and post installation moisture meter and humidity probe; CRH- Instant concrete moisture meter with data storage and humidity probe.

Company Name: Wagner Electronics
Phone: (541) 582-0541
Company Contact: Jason Spangler
Underlayment Products/Descriptions: Rapid RH Fast, accurate moisture test for concrete floors.