Simple Marketing Now LLC’s April 2011 update to theSocial Flooring Indexanalyzes the flooring industry’s involvement with social media marketing tools, with particular emphasis on blogs.

The April 2011 update to the Social Flooring Index includes 168 blogs focused on flooring and flooring related content. This is in contrast to 88 blogs in August 2010 and 53 in April 2010. These 168 blogs have generated 7,571 conversations over the past six months, which translates to 1.877 blog posts per week compared to .7254 posts per week in August 2010.

Highlights of the April 2011 Social Flooring Index update include:

20 of 168 blogs have high and medium influence in the flooring social media community.

Although the majority of the blogs included in the Social Flooring Index are North America based, their geographic distribution suggests opportunity for more flooring blogs to develop.

A majority of the Social Flooring Index blogs have not fully integrated their activities in social networking platforms.

Blogs included in the Social Flooring Index have as yet unexplored opportunity to connect with one another. Doing so will create a stronger network.

Forty-three percent of conversations specifically mention flooring products compared to 65 percent in August 2010. Other conversations address broader topics.