The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has announced the latest in its growing list of safety services, the MIA Safety Toolbox Talk Subscription Service. This program is a subscription service whereby subscribing companies are delivered a new safety “e-packet” each month. Each “e-packet” is designed to help companies facilitate a face-to-face safety meeting, as well as provide additional information necessary to create an ongoing culture of safety training.

In order to promote safety within the stone industry and to encourage companies to conduct monthly safety meetings, the MIA is offering the first month (May 2011) of this service for free. Go details.

This program was made possible by the hard work of MIA’s Toolbox Talk Committee, a subcommittee of the MIA Safety Committee. Chad Vadnais, safety manager at Daltile and chairman of the safety committee, said, “These Toolbox Talks should be a major training component for every company that moves stone slabs by crane, forklift or other means. Each and every Toolbox Talk has been reviewed and utilized by the individual members of MIA’s Safety Committee. I urge all stone companies to participate in this program and create an ongoing culture of safety in their organizations.”

Designed for companies of all sizes, the monthly e-packets include the following:
  • One Toolbox Talk outline that addresses a recent accident which occurred in the stone industry. Because these accidents were investigated by OSHA, everyone can learn from the recommendations that were made on how to avoid a similar occurrence.
  • A second Toolbox Talk outline that addresses stone industry safety “best practices.”
  • A safety checklist that includes recommended tasks that should be incorporated into every stone company’s safety program. The list corresponds directly to the topics addressed in the two toolbox talks offered for that month.
  • A sign-in sheet to document those that attended each safety meeting for OSHA purposes and record retention.
  • A safety-product feature highlighting a product or service available to assist companies with their ongoing safety efforts.
The Marble Institute of America Safety Toolbox Talk Subscription Service is available to MIA members and non-members. For more information, contact Mike Loflin at or follow the link at