Company Name:ARDEX
Address:400 Ardex Plaza Dr., Aliquippa, PA 15001
Phone:(724) 203-5000;Fax:(724) 203-5001
Marketing & Communications Manager:Russ Gaetano

Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
ARDEX LIQUID BACKERBOARD™ Self-Leveling Underlayment for Wood Subfloors:An industry first high-performance Portland cement-based, self-leveling underlayment for use over interior wood sub-floors that replaces traditional backerboard for the installation of tile and stone floors … and it does NOT require lath mesh or additives.ARDEX K 55™ MICROTEC® Premium High-Flow, Self-Leveling Underlayment:A premium, very durable, self-leveling Portland cement-based underlayment with MICROTEC® Technology. Pours like water, can be installed at just 1/8” and floor coverings can be installed in just 16 hours.ARDEX TL 1000™ Self-Leveling Underlayment:A self-leveling Portland cement-based underlayment with re-dispersible synthetic polymers designed for fast leveling of floors prior to installing ceramic tile.

Company Name:CertainTeed Gypsum
Address:4300 W. Cypress St., Ste #500, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone:(800) 233-8990
Manager, Marketing Communications:Amy Lee
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Tile Backer Superior tile substrate designed to meet the demands of high-moisture areas; ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

Company Name:Chem Grout, Inc.
Address:805 E. 31st St., LaGrange Park, IL 60526
Phone:(708) 354-7112;Fax:(708) 354-3881
General Manager:Joe Schatz
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Quattro:Continuous Mix Grouting System is self-contained and delivers 13 GPM of self-leveling material.Delta Mini:Compact Continuous Mix System operates on 230V and delivers 3 GPM of self-leveling material.

Company Name:Custom Building Products
Address:13001 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740
Phone:(800) 272-8786
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
EasyMat® Tile & Stone Underlayment:25 times lighter and 4 times faster to install than backerboard. Bonded anti-fracture system.LevelQuik™ Rapid Setting Self-Leveling Underlayment:Rapid Setting formula cures fast while developing high early strength.Crack Buster™ Pro Crack Prevention Mat Underlayment:Designed to reduce crack transmission in extra heavy duty commercial installations.RedGard® Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane:Quick Dry Formula. Ready-to-use.FractureFree™ Crack Prevention Membrane:Protects tile floors from cracks due to minor surface movement.

Company Name:Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.
Address:1161 Ruggles, Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Phone:(800) 222-5644;Fax:(972) 641-8488
President:Michael Knight
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Perma-Gard PVC Shower Pan Liner:Perma-Gard 40 is the first PVC Shower Pan Liner introduced in the U.S.

Company Name:Fin Pan, Inc.
Address:3255 Symmes Rd., Hamilton, OH 45015
Phone:(513) 870-9200;Fax:(513) 870-9606
National Sales Manager:Jeff Ketterer
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
ProTEC Concrete Backer Board:Stable, long-lasting underlayment for floors, walls, ceilings, countertops and exteriors.ProPanel Lightweight Waterproof Backer Board:Six pound board that is waterproof, easy to carry, cut, install and is code approved.PreFormed Underlayment Components:Shower pans, niches, seats, curbs and slopes that offer 100% waterproof protection and easy installation.Util-A-Crete Concrete Backer Board:Stable, long-lasting underlayment for floors, walls, ceilings, countertops and exteriors.

Company Name:LATICRETE
Address:One LATICRETE Park North, Bethany, CT 06524
Phone:(800) 243-4788 x235
Contact:LATICRETE Technical Services
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
LATICRETE® 86 LatiLevel™:Can be poured from feather edge to 1-1/2” thickness in one pour.LATICRETE 816 LatiPatch™:Ideal for difficult substrates such as non water soluable cutback adhesive.LATICRETE Hydro Ban™:Waterproofing anti-fracture membrane that doesn’t require fabric and allows for flood testing in 2 hours.LATICRETE Hydro Barrier™:Waterproofing anti-fracture membrane for interior and exterior applications.LATAPOXY® 312 Vapor Reduction Membrane:Reduces the moisture vapor emission rate from concrete; ideal for slab on grade construction.LATICRETE 125 Sound & Crack Adhesive:Sound control and crack suppression in a one step single component adhesive.

Company Name:MagBacker
Address:2100 Line St., Brunswick, GA 31520
Phone:(866) 610-0359;Fax:(770) 439-3241
Sales Assistant:Sharon Howard
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
MagBacker is a high performance magnesium oxide tile backer that’s stronger, lighter, highly moisture resistant, healthier to work with, and contributes to LEED certification.

Company Name:Maxxon Corporation
Address:920 Hamel Rd., Hamel, MN 55340
Phone:(763) 478-9600
VP Technical and R&D:Patrick Giles
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Level-Right® is a self-leveling, cementitious product designed for topping concrete or wood subfloors. Level-Right® PLUS levels, smoothes and repairs all with superior speed and a high-strength set. Level-Right® FS-10 is ideal for thin-topping applications over concrete and provides a fast-setting underlayment. Level-Right® Weartop is the answer for old, damaged concrete floors that need a new wear surface. Maxxon® DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) is a unique two-component epoxy product which reduces passage of moisture vapor emission through concrete floors.

Company Name:MP Global Products, LLC
Address:P.O. Box 2283, Norfolk, NE 68702-2283
Phone:(888) 379-9695;Fax:(402) 379-9737
Dir. Marketing & Sales:Jack Boesch
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Ultralayer Peel and Stick: Insulates, deadens sound and suppresses lateral cracks; QuietWalk Premium underlayment for laminate wood flooring; Insulayment Underlayment for glue-down or engineered wood floors; FiberBacker Underlayment for ceramic or porcelain tile floors; and DuoFoam Polyethylene foam with special moisture resistant film on both sides.

Company Name:NAC Products, Inc.
Address:3200 South Main St., Akron, OH 44319
Phone:(800) 633-4622;Fax:(330) 644-3557
Marketing Manager:Nick Duve
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane: Longest lasting, most reliable & highest rated membrane on the market today! Strataflex Waterproofing & Anti-Fracture Membrane is perfect for interior & exterior waterproofing in a single application. Marmox-NAC Backer Lightweight, Waterproofing Backer Boards are NOT your typical backer boards! Easy-to-cut, lightweight, waterproof & thermal insulator. Super SAM 125 Sound Control Membrane is a sound reduction membrane, crack suppression membrane and waterproof membrane when used with an approved sealant, all in one easy-to-use roll. ECB Green Anti-Fracture & Waterproofing Membrane is THE very first “Green” self-adhering, crack isolation membrane on the market! Perfect for LEED specification!

Company Name:National Flooring Equipment
Address:9250 Xylon Ave. North, Minneapolis, MN 55445
Phone:(800) 245-0267; (763) 535-8206
Fax:(800) 648-7124; (763) 535-8255
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
8274-4 PANTHER® PLANETARY FLOOR PREP & POLISH SYSTEM:18” machine that; Grinds, Scrapes, Profiles, Polishes concrete and Sands exterior decking and interior hardwood. One Machine – Multiple Functions. Operates within 1/8” of the wall. 4 HP in a 115 volt Grinder.5274 FLOOR PREPARATION SYSTEM:A grinder designed for small jobs and hard to reach spaces. 16” machine for grinding concrete, removing coatings, profiling concrete for new coatings, removing finishes from interior hardwoods, prepares wood for new stains on exterior wood and polishes concrete to a satin finish.PANTHER® FLOOR REMOVAL RIDE-ON MACHINES:Ride-On Floor Removal Ride-On Machines available in All Day Battery, Quick Load Battery, Propane and Electric operations. Incredible removal rates and compact size allow size allows these machines to be used just about anywhere PANTHER® WALK-BEHIND FLOOR REMOVAL MACHINES Walk-Behind Floor Removal Machines available in manual operation, Self Propelled with instant forward, Self Propelled with instant forward and Reverse and Heavy Duty Hydraulic Self Propelled Machines. Whatever the application, National has the right machine.

Company Name:National Gypsum Company
Address:2001 Rexford Place, Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone:(704) 365-7305;Fax:(704) 365-7276
Business Unit Coordinator:Jacki Chabot
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
PermaBase® BRAND Cement Board:A rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate and glass mesh.

Company Name:QT Sound Insulation/ECORE International
Address:715 Fountain Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone:(717) 295-3400;Fax:(717) 295-3414
Company Contact:Jocelyn Dillman
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
QT scu Flat, resilient underlayment (made from recycled rubber) used under floor finishes, yielding exceptional results. QT rbm Dimpled resilient base mat (made from recycled rubber) can be applied under gypsum.

Company Name:Siena Tile & Stone Installation Products
Address:1681 California Ave., Corona, CA 92881
Phone:(951) 737-7447;Fax:(951) 346-9287
Dir. Sales & Marketing:Christine Camponovo
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Siena Dragon Skin is a premium, ready to use waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane. Siena Fracture Shield is a premium, ready-to-use anti-fracture and crack isolation membrane. Siena Elasto Pro is a premium anti-fracture and crack isolation mortar and membrane in one. Siena Self-Level SLU is rapid setting, and creates a smooth, level surface for fast leveling projects.

Company Name:Schluter Systems L.P.
Address:194 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone:(800) 472-4588;Fax:(800) 477-9783
Technical Services Manager:Sean Gerolimatos
Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
DITRAFor tiled coverings, forms an uncoupling, waterproofing and vapor pressure equalization layer and provides load distribution.DITRA-XLProvides the same four essential functions as DITRA but is 5/16” thick instead of 1/8”.

Company Name:Tavy Enterprises, LLC
Address:225 Oakland Rd., Ste #401, South Windsor, CT 06074
Phone:(860) 646-6373;Fax:(860) 645-9364
Dir. Marketing & Sales:Skip Starks

Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
TAVY Thin-Skin 2-Part Underlayment System:Set tile over any existing floor, wall or countertop.TAVY #008 Showroom Compound:Set tile and peel up any time in the future for new showroom displays & flooring.

Company Name:TEC
Address:1105 South Frontenac St., Aurora, IL 60504
Phone:(630) 952-1389
Associate Brand Manager:Lisa Nowak

Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
TEC 323 – EZ Level Premium Self-Leveling Underlayment designed for smoothing and leveling most subfloors. TEC 318 – Smooth Start Self-Leveling Underlayment designed for smoothing and leveling most subfloors. TEC 563/564 – Ultra Wear Surface Can be used as an interior wear surface or as a high-performing self-leveling underlayment. TEC 565 -- Fiber Reinforced Underlayment A smooth finished surface ideal for the installation of all types of floor covering.

Company Name:US Floors
Address:3580 Corporate Dr., Dalton, GA 30720
Phone:(706) 278-9491 x2131;Fax:(206) 888-6192
Marketing Manager:Gary Keeble

Underlayment Products/Descriptions:
Natural Cork Underlayment Rolls:Available in various thicknesses, primary use is for acoustic insulation and stress crack reduction.Natural Cork Underlayment Sheets:Available in various thicknesses, primary use is for acoustic insulation and stress crack reduction. Fendaguard Cork and rubber underlayment, primary use is for stress crack suppression.