A guide to available floor warming/radiant heating products available to the tile industry.

Easy Heat's GFCI-equipped thermostats

Company Name:Calorique Radiant Heating
Phone:(800) 922-9276
Fax:(508) 291-2299
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
Peel & Heat Complete for Tile Floors
Radiant floor warming; Radiant ceiling heating; mirror defoggers; laminate floor warming; propagation mats.

Company Name:Easy Heat
Phone:(800) 537-4732
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
EasyHeat Makes Floorwarming Systems Safer with New GFCI Equipped Thermostats
EasyHeat floorwarming systems are a comforting addition to any home, providing a warm touch on cold days. EasyHeat has upgraded its entire line of floorwarming thermostats to include built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter safety (GFCI). Dubbed the G Series, the new thermostats are identical in size, functionality, use of the floor temperature sensor, and mounting configuration to existing EasyHeat thermostats, making installation simple. EasyHeat G Series thermostats are available in 120V and 240V, in programmable or non-programmable designs.

Company Name:LATICRETE
Phone:(800) 243-4788
Fax:(203) 393-1296
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
LATICRETE offers the most comprehensive floor warming program in the industry – backed by a complete system warranty. Projects can be laid out in minutes online and custom drawings returned to you the next day! Nationwide availability coupled with an innovative design provides for a fast, easy and dependable installation. Layout and quote in minutes; Receive custom layout details next day; Simple to install.

Company Name:NuHeat Industries, Ltd.
Phone:(800) 778-9276
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
Nuheat pre-built mats (standard or custom) are typically installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Paired with Nuheat’s 7-day programmable thermostats, the Nuheat system will add comfort to a room. New is the Heated Shower Mat with capabilities to warm the shower bench. Nuheat pre-built mats are installed by securing (1/16 of an inch) them into place under two layers of thinset and then installing the tile above.

Company Name:MP Global Products, LLC
Phone:(402) 379-9695
Fax:(402) 379-9737
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
QuietWalk – recycled underlayment for laminate and wood floors; QuietWarmth – radiant heat underlayment.

Company Name:SunTouch
Phone:(888) 432-8932
Fax:(417) 831-4067
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
SunTouch®; WarmWire®; UnderFloor™; LoudMouth™; SunStat™; and CableTrowel™
SunTouch Floor Warming Systems
SunTouch is an electric floor warming system that will put an end to cold floors. The systems are safe, easy to install, and economical to operate. They work great in new construction or remodeling and in projects of any size.

Company Name:Thermosoft International Corporation
Phone:(877) 249-6422
Fax:(847) 279-8845
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
WarmWalk™ Warmsulate™ WarmStep®

Company Name:Tyco Thermal Controls
Phone:(800) 545-6258
Fax:(800) 527-5703
Radiant Floor Warming Products:
Raychem QuickNet Floor Heating System
Raychem® QuickNet® is an electric floor heating system that provides uniform heating for tiled areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. The easy-to-install QuickNet system consists of the self-adhesive heating mat and programmable QuickStat®-TC thermostat.