The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has updatedDimension Stone Design Manual. Version 7.2 provides a revision to the Countertop Specifications chapter and has added a chapter on Stone Tile.

The new countertop chapter features clarification of the differences in lippage on countertops vs. islands and peninsulas, guidelines on outdoor kitchens, and more. According to Countertop Chapter Review Committee Chair, John Cogswell, “The countertop segment of the natural stone industry has seen many changes since the last update of theDesign Manual(2007). The newly revised Countertop Chapter reflects current industry practice and includes an expanded Stone Materials section, as well as, a new section on Stone Finishes and guidelines for Outdoor Kitchens.”

In addition to the updated countertop chapter, version 7.2 also provides an expanded glossary, featuring 282 new terms and 83 drawings. The glossary now boasts over 500 terms and will be available as a stand-alone product later this year.

Also included with everyDimension Stone Design Manual Version 7.2is a copy of the 2011TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation. TheTCNA Handbookwill serve as the new Stone Tile chapter. Historically, the MIA did not duplicate the information contained in theTCNA Handbook. Rather, they listed the TCNA detail references endorsed for natural stone in theDimension Stone Design Manual.

According to MIA’s Technical Director, Chuck Muehlbauer, “Discussions held amongst the MIA, the TCNA, and the NTCA (National Tile Contractors’ Association) yielded a consensus that the industry would be best served if an amalgamation of the documents could be achieved, allowing the users to obtain all the necessary information from one source.” This led to a two-year, tri-association cooperation in producing the TCNA2011 Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation.

Version 7.2 of theDimension Stone Design Manualis the stone industry’s single-source reference for dimension stone design and construction facts and details. Contents include sections on granite, marble, limestone, serpentine, soapstone, travertine, quartz-based stone and slate with product descriptions and technical data; general installation guidelines; guidelines and typical detailing for horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, wet areas, furniture and countertops; maintenance of exterior and interior stone installations; and a glossary of terms relating to dimension stone.

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