Crossville has joined with TOTO, the world’s largest manufacturer of sustainable, luxury plumbing products, to recycle that company’s pre-consumer fired sanitary ware. This material from TOTO has been recently certified by SCS as part of the EcoCycle Fired Waste Process, marking the latest development in Crossville’s EcoCycle Recycling Processes program. SCS has verified that through these recycling processes, Crossville annually recycles approximately 12 million pounds of previously land-filled filtrate, fired tile, and pre-consumer sanitary ware. This has enabled Crossville to become a net consumer of waste, consuming more manufacturing waste than it generates, as well as conserving resources; the volume of finished goods Crossville ships now exceeds the amount of raw materials it extracts from the earth for use in manufacturing.

“Crossville, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has become the first tile manufacturer in the U.S. to achieve certification of its waste recycling programs through Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), an independent, third-party certifier of recycled claims,” said John E. Smith, Crossville’s president and ceo.

With the new process certifications, Crossville has developed the EcoCycle Recycling Process logo, which will designate the minimum percentage of recycled content, enabling Crossville to use one logo that designates certification of the entire recycling process. All Crossville-produced products will now contain a minimum of four percent recycled content from TOTO, in addition to varying percentages of its own filtrate and fired waste.