Motawi Tileworks has purchased Rovin Ceramics of Taylor, Mich. Rovin Ceramics, a supplier of moist clay, raw materials, and other pottery supplies, will be moving to Ann Arbor on May 2 and coming under the wing of Motawi Tileworks, based in Ann Arbor. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Rovin has been making the Tileworks’ special blend clay for more than a decade. Rovin Ceramics supplies schools, colleges and professional artists all over Michigan and Northern Ohio, as well as throughout the country. “A lot of clay people rely on Rovin. And it has definitely served the Tileworks well. I think it’s a good business and I believe that my staff and I can carry it forward, continuing to provide Rovin’s customers with the kind of great service they are used to,” said Nawal Motawi.

Motawi Tileworks said it will continue the Rovin Ceramics business without drastic changes except to move it to 253 Dino Drive, off Jackson Road, just west of Baker Road in Ann Arbor. The actual move will happen during the last week of April and Rovin Ceramics will reopen May 2. Regular hours will be Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., (10 a.m.-7 p.m. Thursdays) and the first Saturday of each month, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Signature products Rovin Moist Clays, Bright Ice glaze and Soft Touch underglaze can all be produced on-site.  

Heather Kitson will run Rovin Ceramics in its Ann Arbor incarnation. She has most recently been the manager of Motawi’s Wholesale Gift Tile department. According to Nawal Motawi: “Ms. Kitson is an inveterate planner, quite exacting and personable, a great person to run the new Rovin Ceramics.“ Ryanne Arecheja, Andy Bell, and Dave Beyer, all from Motawi Tileworks, will round out the Rovin staff. Former Rovin manager Stephanie Keene has agreed to help with the transition for a short time.