SASSUOLO, ITALY -- The three Fincibec group brands -- Century, Naxos and Monocibec -- will show their latest collections during the 2012 edition of Coverings, set for April 17 to 20, in Orlando, FL, booth 4018.

The new collections will be presented to the U.S. market from an exhibit that has been specifically designed “to illustrate the soul and philosophy of the project that distinguishes each of the group's brands,” Fincibec notes.

Century will showcase “Peninsula,” a collection inspired by stone surfaces; and “Stonehouse,” which incorporates the rough appearance of split stone, and offers an across-the-board solution for indoor and outdoor flooring and wall tiling projects.

Naxos will unveil “Elettra,” which provides “a journey into the discovery of the mineral world that brings never-before-seen chromatic variations and fascinating crystalline structures to the surface”; and “Skyline,” a tribute to the most elegant of architectural materials, marble.

Monocibec will focus on the technical and aesthetic aspect of its brand with the release of its “Nextra” collection, which takes inspiration from cement.

The Century, Naxos and Monocibec collections each tout Bureau Veritas certifications for the use of recycled materials in the mixture which exceed 40%, “a trait that allows access to important credits in the LEED rating system for the eco-energy evaluation of buildings,” the company adds.

Century's "Peninsula"

"Elettra" by Naxos

Monocibec's "Nextra"