Brad Fulkerson

LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC has announced its sales team. They include Managing Director Brad Fulkerson, John Sacco, Michael Schilling, Harold Fleming and Maria Oliveira.

"I was extremely fortunate to acquire a highly professional, proactive sales team consisting of individuals who worked extremely well with each other," Fulkerson said. "To begin with, each member of our sales group has between five and 10 years working with the previous company. They know everything about 'The Next Generation Slab' inside-and-out, and on top of that, they all have worked on the contractor side as well. As a result, they have a clear understanding of the entire process from both sides."

John Sacco, Michael Schilling and Harold Fleming each come from the former company prior to the joint venture with LATICRETE. They focus on a specialized construction genre that includes architects, engineers, concrete contractors, general contractors and building owners.

LATICRETE Corporate Marketing Manager Maria Oliveira is playing a major role, as well. "Maria understands just how important it is to disseminate helpful information that helps construction professionals become even more professional. She has taken this regimen which has worked well for LATICRETE in the past, and immediately implemented it with our programs," stated Sacco, who is working closely with Oliveira on a number of marketing initiatives. "Over the years, LATICRETE built enormous credibility via its educational programs. One of our M-Os is to do just that with LATICRETE SUPERCAP."

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