Topo Collection patterns include "Aperture" (pictured), "Sunrise Set," "Wax Wane," "Iris Bulbous," "Pinwheel," and "Bow Akimbo."

PORTLAND, OR -- Clayhaus Ceramics has introduced the “Topo Collection,” a new series of decorative relief tiles designed exclusively for Clayhaus by local designer Stephanie Dyer. The collection, part of a series of decorative relief tile designs that explore three-dimensional organic forms at micro and macro scales, includes six unique tile designs with individual tiles that combine to form eye-catching patterns. The tiles themselves have depth to the surface, reminiscent of the bas-relief style of sculpture. Topo Collection patterns include "Aperture" (pictured), "Sunrise Set," "Wax Wane," "Iris Bulbous," "Pinwheel," and "Bow Akimbo."

Discussing the inspiration for the designs, the collection's creator said, "The Topo Collection began as an exploration of three-dimensional organic forms that evolved into a playful relationship between micro and macro worlds. Ultimately I arrived at the concept of distilling the designs into a series of individual layers, thereby shifting free-flowing elements into separate, segmented parts. An imaginary landscape, or topography, began to surface."

Topo collection tiles are sold as loose 6- x 6-inch squares and are intended as a means to add texture and flair to vertical surfaces such as backsplashes, shower walls, fireplace surrounds and wainscoting. They also can be used to create stunning feature walls. "The idea is to use the tiles to form unique patterns over relatively large surfaces," said Clayhaus co-founder and chief artisan Jason Coleman. "They also work well as unique focal points or accent strips in a field of flat tile."

Megan Coleman, Clayhaus' other co-founder and sales and marketing director, hinted that more decorative relief designs will be coming soon. "We enjoy collaborating with these designers-- the resulting tiles are something unique we can offer our customers and help further set us apart from the competition."

All Clayhaus tiles are handmade in the company's studio in Portland, Ore. Clayhaus approaches tile design from a modern and sustainable perspective, using 100% renewable energy to run the studio, along with lead free glazes, many of which contain 50% recycled bottle glass. The company was inspired by the modernist and Bauhaus movements' influences on architecture and design.

The Clayhaus Topo Collection is available at dealer showrooms throughout the U.S. and online