According to Confindustria Ceramica, recent snowfalls and adverse weather conditions in Italy have affected the production of ceramic tile.

SASSUOLO, ITALY -- According to Confindustria Ceramica, the association of Italian ceramic tile and refractory material manufacturers, recent snowfalls and adverse weather have caused the suspension of ceramic production. “Consequent measures adopted are leading to a growing risk of ceramic production having to be suspended due to difficulties in procurement of raw materials, especially ceramic body, which by its nature is not suitable for storage but requires a continuous supply stream. This situation is further compounded by the increased difficulties in transport of finished products,” the association said.

Further, Confindustria Ceramica says it has called on regulating authorities for a partial exception to be made from the order prohibiting freight transport vehicles with a loaded weight of more than 7.5 tons from circulating outside inhabited areas. “This measure would avoid the risk of a shutdown of production by the companies in the ceramic cluster and the repercussions that this would have in terms of employment.”